Best Running Shoes for High Arches that Offer Good Flexibility & Shock Absorption

Runners who have high arched feet generally supinate (underpronate) which can lead to blistering, injuries and pain, because of the limited shock absorption of the heels when running. The appropriate running shoes for people with high arches are those which […]

Best running shoes for flat feet 2017 guide

The overpronation which can occur while running and jogging can cause more serious hip and knee problems and pain, which is why if you are a runner or enjoy jogging from time to time and have flat feet, you should […]

Best shoes for standing all day long at work 2017 guide

Naturally, when looking for comfortable shoes, picking the right size is crucial.  Athletic shoes are an obvious choice for a comfortable shoe for standing up all day especially for people with problematic feet, such as: fallen or high arches, bunions, […]

Best running shoes for bunions – Comparisons and FAQ answered

A large number of runners are affected by foot bunions, which are bony bumps at the bottom sides of the big toes, and can cause a disfigurement and change of shape of the foot. Bunions can be genetically inherited, or […]