Runners who have high arched feet generally supinate (underpronate) which can lead to blistering, injuries and pain, because of the limited shock absorption of the heels when running. The appropriate running shoes for people with high arches are those which have extra midsole cushioning as well as medial poles in the outsoles or additional supportive bands in the upper for added support.

In general, the running shoes which are most suitable for this type of feet are the flexible cushioned ones. They are designed and made with cushioning in mind rather than stability. This means that they are softer and more flexible than the standard shoe. A wide variety of technologies and innovations are being used to soften and cushion these trainers, including: gel, air, polyurethane, ethylene vinylacetate and others.

Top 6 shoes for runners with high arches at a glance

The fact is that having high arches is not as common as suffering from low ones, but still people with this type of foot and running style do need to find the right shoe in order to avoid pain and injuries and to enhance their running performance.

Best picks for WOMEN

ASICS GEL-Kinsei 6 is our #1 women's pick for best running shoes for high arches

ASICS Women’s GEL-Kinsei 6

The ASICS GEL-Kinsei 6 running shoe is also an excellent choice for high arched feet. The shoe has an Impact Guidance System, which helps enhance your natural gait. The special Guidance line vertical flex groove and heel clutching system of the Kinsei shoe are also features which will enhance the cushioning and the running experience for women who underpronate. One nice feature is the innovative cuprothermo film inserted in this shoe, which helps it retain the heat inside when it is cold, and also to release the extra heat when it is warm.

The GEL Kinsei shoe is extra light thanks to the slimlight materials used to make it, and at the same time, it is stable due to the stronger materials inputted in their structure and design. The bright upper is definitely an eye-catcher. The mesh material form to the shape of the runner’s foot for a glove-like fit. The shoe simply hugs the foot during the run.

The middle part of the sole has a responsive underfoot platform and provide efficient support. We especially liked the fact that they run true to its size and the high-quality materials that are used when making this Kinsei 6.

Although they are on the higher end price-wise, these beautiful running shoes, with all the comfort they provide, are totally worth it! They are simply designed to take the support, style and flexibility to the next level.

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 8 is the second choice

Mizuno Women’s Wave Prophecy 7

If you are looking for an unrivalled running experience, those shoes are your best bet. They feature special technology that keep the foot dry and cool. The excellent ventilation they provide greatly helps in keeping the runner from sweating in the shoe during long runs.
We particularly liked the generous toebox, and the enhanced midfoot hold.
On the flip side, they are a bit heavy even though they have mesh upper. We think that there is a room for improvement in the cushioning, too.
In conclusion, we should point that running in these Mizunos is really awesome, as they offer unparallel comfort, are quite flexible, and feel great overall. They come with a higher price tag, but are certainly worth it due to their great features and improvements.

Brooks Glycerin 15 is ladies #3 in the category

Brooks Women’s Glycerin 15

The Brooks Glycerin 15 Shoe is one of the leaders in the market for running shoes for women who have heels with high arches. The incredible cushioning of the shoe is ensured by the patented Brooks full length DNA, and the Omega flex grooves which allow the forefoot to be super flexible too.

The runner can definitely feel the smooth and gradual heel to toe transition of the foot provided via the segmented clash pad which provides customizable comfort and stability depending on the heel shape and the specific walk of the person wearing them.

The Glycerin 15 enhance the running experience, and are a great investment, given their high quality, durability and the anti-abrasion feature provided by the HPR Plus outsole. This pair will help you overcome the usual strain and discomfort that due to the excessive amount of weight that placed on the ball and heel of the high-arched feet.

last but not the least Saucony Ride 10 is excellent choice for female runners

Saucony Women’s Ride 10

Saucony Ride 10 Shoe is a great choice for runners who suffer from high arches or do not overpronate. The Ride neutral shoe is specifically designed for normal and mild underpronation. Their extra softness and cushioning is ensured by the HydraMAX collar lining they have, as well as the special ComfortLite sockliner, a SRC ImpactZone and their deep flex grooves for the forefoot. This flagship model from Saucony is designed following years of studies in the area of biomechanics, in order to improve the cushioning and stability of this shoe. The PowerGrid midsole which this shoe has is one of the features resulting from these studies. The Ride 10 neutral running shoes for women who have high arches will ensure responsiveness and speed during long-distance runs.

Best picks for MEN

The leader in the men's section are the Brooks Ghost 11

Brooks Men’s Ghost 11

Brooks Ghost 11 are one of the leading models among the running shoes for high arched male runners. They are light and bouncy, and offer optimal smooth heel to toe transition during every run. The segmented crashpad and the Brooks DNA cushioning creates ultimate comfort for the runners who have high arches or do not overpronate when training. The pair is remarkably comfortable upper part due to the mesh upper construction and well-padded tongue.

The Ghosts were recommended of the Editor of “Fall Shoe guide” as a good choice, and there is a reason for this too. You will be amazed by the glove-like feel, lightness and balance which the Ghost shoe offers while you are working out or during your runs.

Mizuno Wave Prophecy running shoes are our #2 best choice for high arches and we highly recommend them

Mizuno Men’s Wave Prophecy 8

Mizuno takes the runners to another level of comfort with this new Prophecy model. The new cooling technology will greatly assist in keeping your feet dry. The midsole is enhanced and the cushioning of the heel is improved. However, these improvements added to the weight of the shoe, making it heavier than the previous model.
The outsole has flex grooves to aid flexibility. The blow rubber outsole greatly enhances the grip and comfort.
The upper has additional, strategically placed stiches for improved durability and for holding the foot in place. On the other hand, they allow some needed freedom of movement when they have to. However, the Prophecy shoe is a bit heavy and stiff, but is great for a supportive ride for the larger runners.

Our reasons why we think this Mizunos are worth it:

  • you will feel dry and cool due to their intercool technology
  • they feature removable insert that provides extra cushioning and additional comfort for the user
  • extra plush feel due to the padded tongue and collar
  • X10 technology ensures that the areas that are subject to high wear have the durability to withstand many miles and still offer great arch support for the runner.
    We particularly liked that the toe box is roomy and does not squish your toes. The Wave technology absorbs the shock and redirects the energy to boost the run.
Another good contender are the Saucony Ride 10s

Saucony Men’s Ride ISO

Another ideal choice for male runners who underpronate is the Saucony Ride ISO. Designed and made by the reputable and respected Saucony Company, these Ride sneakers are especially intended for men who have normal or mild underpronation and high arches. The extra comfort and support are provided by the ComfortLite sockliner, coupled with the HydraMAX collar lining. An added PowerGrid midsole and SRC Impact zone make this one of the best neutral running shoes currently on the market. Some of its users report that these are a bit generous in the toe box, making them suitable for bunions, too. However, it might be a bit difficult to accommodate additional orthotics.

Let us give you few good reasons to buy:

  • impressive comfort, traction, and excellent support
  • reasonable price tag, and a worthwhile investment
  • available in narrow and wide widths to fit both categories of runners, and providing good cushioning
  • very versatile shoe that performs well in different paces, speeds and distances

Created to enhance the athletic performance, the Ride ISO are a serious contender for the top shoe suitable for runners with high arches.

Kinsei 6 by Asics also made it to this top list

ASICS Men’s Kinsei 6

ASICS Men’s Kinsei 6 are especially designed and manufactured to resolve the runners problems arising from high arches regardless of the length of the run. So no matter whether it is sprint, 5k, or even a marathon – the runner will feel the adaptive cushioning and support of the shoe. The Kinsei have special biomorphic fit flexibility in their upper, a rubber sole and a supportive heel clutching system along with solyte foam as a midsole. All this combined makes it perfect, lightweight, adaptable yet comfortable and stable, which is excellent for long distance runs.

They run true to size, so there is no need to guess whether to order half a size bigger or smaller. The thing we liked the most here is that responsive underfoot platform of the mid-sole. This simple feature is both efficient and supportive. The materials that are used in the making of the Kinsei are of high quality for a no-compromise build.

On the other hand, the outsole is made of extremely durable material AHAR and will give you a good run for the money invested. There are few thing that are more unpleasant than a sole that worns out too soon.

Another superb product by the reputable Japanese sportswear producer ASICS, the Kinseis are definitely worth their cost. Make sure you get the right size, and you can be sure that you will fall in love with these sneakers.

The fact is that having high arches is not as common as suffering from flat feet, but still runners with this type of foot need to find the correct shoes in order to avoid pain and help reduce the risk of injuries . We hope that we’ve been useful with gathering in one place the best running shoes for high arches for ladies and gentlemen.

What to look for in the best running shoes for high arches?

Whenever you are looking to buy the best athletic shoes for high arches, always follow the advice of the leading orthopedic experts to pick those which best conform to your specific foot size, shape and your gait. This is valid for any runner with higher arch, because getting the best possible shoe for this type of feet can save you from injuries, soreness and discomfort.

Here are some tips:


Choose a model with extra cushioning, which will improve the shock absorption and reduce the soreness and possible injuries from the impact on the feet and legs during the run. The correct cushioning system will help you absorb the additional shock of the arch not collapsing enough. It should provide just the right support for your higher arches. The extra padding of the neutral cushioning shoe is absolutely necessary for runners with high arches to stay comfortable and pain free during their longer runs and after that. Look for athletic trainers with full length padded insole, as well as padded collars and tongues.


Look for sneakers which have more flexible construction and softer midsoles. This will provide you with that extra support and cushioning so necessary for those with high arches. What you need is midsole cushioning rather than medial support when picking your new footwear.

There are different innovations and technologies that aim to improve this, such as the adidas’ torsion system which aids the proper flexing of the arch.

Shoe Shape

Runners with higher than normal arches need athletic shoe manufactured with a curved lasted shape. They fit the typical high-arched foot better because they are more “C” shaped and provide lesser support and are generally lighter than those with a straight last. On the other side, the low-arch runners need to control the excessive pronation and need motion-control shoes with additional material under the center of the arch.


Of course, it is better to pick a pair with uppers made of lightweight materials and are breathable for your overall comfort and improved performance. Choose soft and seamless mesh or some other upper which will provide that nice soft comfort and reduce possible rubbing and blistering.


For added safety and stability, choose trainers which have good soles offering maximum traction. A sole that does not slip easily will help you reduce the risk of falling and injuring yourself.

Consider what other foot issues you might have

Remember to choose the right type and size of shoe, especially when you have high arches, because this can save you from shin splints, ankle strains, tibia fractures, plantar fasciitis and ligament rupture – which all can result from the shock from the impact to the ground and the lack of arch and foot support which can occur when running with the inappropriate shoes when you have problematic arches. Appropriate footwear will also help you improve your performance no matter whether you are training for a sprint or a marathon.

When to try on new trainers?

Try on the shoe at the end of the day, when your legs are at their most swollen state. The human feet tend to swell during the day, and if you purchase footwear in the morning, you simply risk it being too narrow for you daily needs. Also, try both shoes on and do some walking around to test their fit and comfort.

Keep in mind the fact that feet tend to change their shape and size with age, so measure them before purchasing new shoes. It is perfectly normal for one foot to be somewhat larger or longer than the other, so choose the size closer to the larger foot.


Pick the pair which offer the best quality for the price asked. It is a good idea to spend a little over your planned budget but get good quality shoes which will keep you comfortable and safe even after intensive training and longer runs with high arches.

What makes particular shoes great for a runner with high arches

Q and A section:

Q: High arch – what is it?

A: High arch or Cavus foot is the condition when the arch of the foot is very high. This causes the body weight to be concentrated on the heel and ball of the foot, which adds stress to the foot and legs. It can cause soreness, painful conditions and instability when walking and especially when running. The causes can be neuromuscular, certain medical conditions and other underlying foot problems. Some of the symptoms of cavus foot can be: clenched, claw toes, calluses on the side of the heel and the ball of the foot, instability which often leads to ankle rolling as well as general pain and soreness when training or standing.

Q: Can’t I just buy some kind of insole to support my arches?

A: You can order custom-made soft orthotics with added padding and cushions allowing for the stress to be reduced, and to help distribute the pressure of the body mass and the impact with the ground evenly. Custom-made orthotics by expert podiatrists can be very expensive, and may not completely resolve the problems associated with high arches, especially for for the insoles sold – they are cheaper and could help provide the stress reduction and support needed, but you must make sure that you pick ones which fit your specific foot type, shape and your pronation.

Q: Do most brands have an option which is good for high arches?

A: Not all running shoes manufacturers and brands have runners which are suitable for high arches. Make sure you do your research or make inquiries before choosing a particular brand and model when you have feet problems!

Q: Are the same models available for both men and women?

A: Most models are available in specific variations for men and women, and a few are unisex. It is a good idea to pick those made specifically for your gender, because they are designed and made to fit the specific physics and biomechanics of the feet and legs of women and men. For example, in general ladies have narrower heels than men, thus shoes for women are narrower but with a wider toebox. Men’s are wider and larger sized. The leading sports shoe manufacturers also take into consideration the fact that women have wider hips and thus a wider Q-angle between the kneecap and quad muscles. This affects their pronation, so the shoes designed for women provide extra support to keep the foot in position and reduce the risk of injuries by using different materials and types of midsoles and outer soles. Also, ladies tend to be lighter and with less muscle mass than men, so the shoes for women are made to sustain lesser impact with the ground.

Plus, women’s shoes usually have soles with extra deep grooves on the forefront for easier and better midsole flexibility ensuring ample arch support of the foot.

Of course, each brand and manufacturer offer different shoe types, so, whether you are a woman or man with high arches, you should remember to try out and choose those runners which best suit the specific shape and size of your foot, your gait and your personal comfort. Remember to always look for that perfect fit!