Ditching the car and choosing to run to or from work can literally change your life! There are so many benefits for your health, wellbeing, productivity and your lifestyle that you should consider putting on those running shoes and running instead of driving to your work from today! Here are 7 advantages which this change in your daily commute can have on your life.

Advantages of run-commuting:

  1. You will become healthier and fitter

It is no secret that running is one of the best exercises to burn calories, get into shape and to improve the fitness and reduce the risks of some of the most popular diseases of our time, including: obesity, diabetes type II, hypertension, cardiovascular problems, strokes and some types of cancers.[1]

By engaging in running instead of driving up to work, you will help lose those extra pounds, and you will soon become much fitter. This will not only improve your physical health but will definitely affect your mental wellbeing as well. Once you start feeling better about yourself your self-esteem will improve and you will start feeling much more confident about yourself.

By running to or from work, you can incorporate the recommended daily exercise of 50 minutes into your daily schedule easily and without disrupting it too much, especially if you are usually sitting or standing on your feet all day.

  1. You will save money

Running is free! Gas and bus tickets cost money. By choosing to run for your commute, you can save a bag load of cash from gas and public transportation fares. Set up a jar in which you drop the dollar bills which you would normally pay for gas or tickets once you start running. By the end of the month you will be amazed at the amount of cash you have saved! You can use the money to reward yourself for the good effort, and to keep yourself motivated to go on running to or from work! Also, by running to work, you can save the cash for the gym membership card as well.

Remember that all you need is a comfortable pair of running shoes, and running is free! You don’t need any fancy apparel or gear in order to run to and from work, so you can start today!


  1. You are helping the environment

By eliminating the harmful emissions released by your car on your way to work and back, you are making a personal mark in helping Mother Nature. Even if your work is way too far for running, you can still help the environment by replacing the car with a bicycle for your daily commutes. You may think that your gesture will make no difference for the environment, but just think about the millions of people who get in their cars every day to go to work – if they all make such a small sacrifice, the overall impact on the environment will be dramatic! So do it today – take the first steps and encourage others to join you in your quest of getting healthy and saving the planet at the same time!

  1. Running helps alleviate stress, anxiety and will make you much more productive

The cortisol hormone released when you are running is a natural stress reliever which is why people suffering from stress are often prompted to engage in more exercising and physical activities by their doctors. So, even if you feel stressed at work, by running to your workplace or back home from work, you will manage to reduce it in a natural way. Running will also improve the blood flow, metabolism and will enhance your energy levels. It is known to help improve brain functioning as well. This means that you will feel more energized, be in a better mood, and will have improved memory and cognitive skills as well. Your stress and any anxiety will be reduced, so that you can have a more enjoyable and productive work day.

  1. You will be in an enhanced mood and feel much better about yourself

Once you switch to running to work, you will begin feeling the positive effect this change has on your overall mood and on the way you feel about yourself. Running leads to the release of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin – all hormones which affect the mood and will make you feel happier and better.

Also, when you start running, your body will start changing. You will lose those extra pounds and you will start getting fitter. This will definitely affect your wellbeing and your self-esteem. Plus, the feeling of achievement which you will experience after completing your everyday runs is also an excellent motivator and mood booster!

Say goodbye to the Monday blues, put those running shoes on and run to your workplace. We promise you – everything will look much better even on Monday mornings!


  1. You will feel more alert and will get better sleep too

Running leads to the boost of the blood flow and circulation of oxygen and nutrients in the body. This will help you feel more alert and energized. By running to work, you will make sure that you are in your bets physical and mental shape to do your job without feeling fatigued or distracted.

Also, running on a daily basis is known to help regulate the sleep-wake rhythm and the internal clock. This means that it is less likely that you will be experiencing any sleep related problems, such as insomnia. Since your body will be using more energy than usual, it will need the time to recuperate and recover the lost fuel, which is best done by a good night’s sleep. So, make sure you are feeling fresh and ready to work in the morning by turning to running as a commute method.

  1. It will help build and improve your self-discipline

Learning to get up earlier in the morning and actually running to work, without making up a bunch of excuses to jump in the car instead, will teach you to improve your self-discipline. This is essential if you want to be able to reach all those goals which you have set up for yourself, your life, your family, your work and others. Learning to stick to your schedule and get up and go out to run no matter what will make you a much stronger person. Plus, you will likely start feeling quite happy about yourself due to this fact, which is another plus for your personal wellbeing.

In conclusion

So, now that you know about these 7 advantages of running to work, why not go find your running shoes and prepare them for tomorrow’s commute? Even if you don’t have a way to shower and refresh yourself at work after a run, you shouldn’t give up on this idea. You can take the bus or carpool in the mornings, and then change into your running clothes at the end of the day and run back home instead! No more excuses – change your life by starting to run to or from work from today!


1. Epidemiological evidence for the role of physical activity in reducing risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, Shari S. Bassuk, JoAnn E. Manson, Journal of Applied Physiology Published 1 September 2005 Vol. 99 no. 3, 1193-1204 DOI: 10.1152/japplphysiol.00160.2005