Best shoes for retail workers

Best shoes for working retail at a glance
Here are our top picks for shoes for retail jobs for men and women:

If you are a retail worker then you probably know the importance of finding the best shoes for the job. […]

Best wide toe box running shoes on the market

If your feet are wide but with a narrow heel (a triangle foot), then you are probably aware of the difficulty of finding the most suitable and comfortable shoes. Thankfully, most leading shoe making companies are designing and making special […]

Best Shoes for Waitresses and Waiters in 2019

Best Shoes for Waitressing 2018 at a Glance
Being a waiter or waitress can be a trying job, with a lot of standing, walking around and also balancing food and carrying it around. It is important that the shoes provide comfort, […]

Guide to the Best Shoes for Bartenders for 2019

Best Bartending Shoes at a Glance
Being a bartender can be fun, but it can be a serious job with some very serious hazards. Standing for hours, walking on spilt alcohol and wet surfaces are just two of the problems which […]

Guide to the Best MP3 Player for Running 2018 – Tips, Advice and Comparisons

Best running MP3 players at a glance
Listening to music while exercising or running actually boosts blood flow and enhances the performance, plus it seems to reduce fatigue and act as a stimulus for running or exercising more and more intensively. […]

Guide to the Best Insoles for Standing All Day

Why Good Shoe Inserts for Standing All Day Are so Important?
If your profession requires you to stand on your feet all day long, then you probably have experienced all the negative impact on your feet, legs, back and entire body […]

Best Toe Separators for Runners Reviewed and Compared

When do you need toe separators?
Toe separators are made, as their name suggests, to separate the toes, provide more comfort and to help prevent the irritation and friction between the toes. The separators offered are made from gel, foam, cotton, […]

Guide to the best insoles for plantar fasciitis for 2019

Plantar fasciitis is a common problem among middle-aged people, athletes, and people who spend a lot of time running and training. Unfortunately, it is a painful condition, which can literally alter one’s life. People may avoid walking, performing their everyday […]

Get the best insoles for flat feet without breaking the bank

A lot of people suffer from the negative consequences of having flat feet, such as: soreness, tension in the feet and legs, as well as other unpleasant feeling just because they cannot find the appropriate shoes for themselves. Many times, […]

World’s Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis to Overcome Foot Pain

Plantar fasciitis unfortunately is quite a common condition amongst runners. The pain and soreness it causes often is the reason for people to stop and avoid staying active and enjoying their active lifestyle. This can easily be solved, if the […]