Naturally, when looking for comfortable shoes, picking the right size is crucial.  Athletic shoes are an obvious choice for a comfortable shoe for standing up all day especially for people with problematic feet, such as: fallen or high arches, bunions,  plantar fasciitis or wide foot  for example. There is an extensive variety of brands of sneakers and other athletic walking shoes which are designed for men and women with such problems, designed and made to alleviate the soreness from standing up all day long.

Dansko Women’s
Pro Xp Mule
Merrell Men’s Jungle
Moc Slip-On
New Balance
Women’s WW847V3
Skechers Men’s
Energy Afterburn
D’Lites Lace-Up
Timberland White
Ledge WP Boot

Best shoes for standing all day at a glance

If you are not into athletic footwear, or the dress code at your workplace requires more formal footwear, there is a big choice of other shoe types and brands which too offer ergonomic, comfortable shoes for spending a lot of time standing.  Some examples include: slip-on work shoes, other slip-on models such as loafers or clogs, Mary Jane shoes for the ladies and Oxford shoes for the men,  which in some cases can be as comfortable as wearing a pair of sneakers all day long. When looking for the most comfortable shoes for standing, you must keep in mind some of the basic characteristics which will ensure the comfort you and your feet are craving for.

Skechers Go
Walk 4 sneaker
ECCO New Jersey
slip-on loafers
Clarks Ashland
Clarks Bushacre 2
Alegria PalomaPropet Mens
Village Walker

Which are the best shoes for standing all day for WOMEN

Skechers women’s Go Walk 4

The Skechers women’s Go Walk 4 sneaker is a model which is perfect for wearing at work and when relaxing.  These Skecher sneakers are slip-on and light , which makes them perfectly comfortable to put on and wear all day long.  Their upper is made of textile and they have a rubber soles, but are fitted with resalyte cushioning, an ortholite footbed and have antibacterial treated lining. This combination of materials and elements allows the Go Walk 4 Fashion sneaker to be one of the top models for all-day wearing. Being experienced in producing comfortable sports and streetwear footwear, Skechers has added a number of extras to this model, including a 4-way stretch mesh adding flexibility, a V-SAtride technology allowing for natural and easy walking and additional stability side panels to add even more support and comfort to the heel.  The outsole of these incredible sneakers has added traction for better control, plus they have an outsole providing extra cushioning for the foot while standing up or walking.  They are so soft and comfy that they can be worn without socks. So, get a pair or two of his model, and you will have the ultimate comfortable shoe for working, standing and walking.

New Balance women’s WW847V3 Health Walking shoe

Yet another great comfortable model for standing all day long.  These athletic shoes are designed for walking, so they are probably the best choice for spending all day on your feet outdoors or indoors, and for people with active lifestyles. These WW847V3 are made of leather and synthetic and have manmade soles.  They feature a breathable upper part, plus a ROLLBAR which adds stability to the heel and the motion control while walking.  These lightweight walking sneakers are an excellent choice for ladies who have problems with low arches or overpronation. The mesh with which they are fitted guarantees that the foot remain cool and odor-free even after a long day at work or outside. So, if you are looking for the most comfortable athletic shoes for being on up 8-12 hours a day, the WW847V3 New balance health walking shoes could be the best choice available.

Alegria women’s Paloma flat shoes

These flats are designed based on the classic Mary Jane shoe style, but they have an added Alegria twist which makes them chic and comfortable to wear, and suitable for standing on your feet all day working or having fun. These Paloma flats are made of leather, they have a rubber sole and a removable insole which is made of memory foam and cork and is covered with suede to add that extra comfort for the feet.  This insole will remember the shape of the heels in order to create the perfect comfort and snug feeling when these shoes are being worn. The Palomas have an anti-slip sole, and the outsole allows for a more natural rocker walking movement of the person wearing them. This motion helps improve the body posture, as well as to reduce fatigue and any stress in the joints of the feet and legs. In fact, they are so comfy, that there is no need to go through that painful break-in period as usual.

Clarks women’s Ashland Blush loafers

These slip-on loafers are a pair which we highly recommend for ladies who spend a lot of time standing or walking.  A typical example of Clarks’ strong commitment to providing comfort to its clients, these slip-on loafers are made of highest quality leather and a manmade flexible and grippy anti-slip sole.  The Ashland Blush loafers are fitted with fabric soft lining and an OrthoLite footbed which adds to the comfort and snug fit they offer.  These beautiful fine leather loafers by Clarks offer an excellent mix of perfect comfort and style for the feet. The extra buttons and contrasting stitching add to the fine look of these comfy shoes, and make them suitable both for work and for leisure time as well.  Delightfully light and comfortable to wear, they are guaranteed to become one of your favorite all-day shoes, which provide comfort, safety and chic at the same time. They are easy to slip on, and the best part is that they hardly need any break-in time, like most of the other new shoes. In fact, if you have chosen the right size, you can slip them on and leave for work or for a walk immediately and without fear of getting blistered or sore feet after a few hours.  The price of these babies is also very agreeable as well.

Which are the best shoes for standing all day for MEN

ECCO men’s New Jersey slip-on loafers

When looking for the best men’s shoes for spending a lot of time in upright position, one idea for shoe which look dressy and are appropriate for the office, and yet provide all the comfort in the world are ECCO men’s New Jersey slip-on loafers. Made by the well-known Danish shoe maker ECCO, this particular model is a prime example of the producer’s determination to design and produce the most comfortable walking shoes, which are also durable, environmentally friendly and good looking. These New Jersey slip-on loafers have a clean-cut and classy design which allows for them to be worn both to work as well as well as when spending some leisure time. The leather is provided by ECCO, and the flexible outsoles plus the direct attached soles of these loafers makes them extremely comfortable and durable.  They quickly break-in and have no internal seams which can cause that unpleasant and painful friction inside.  The soles offer extra traction, and just like the remaining shoe models from ECCO are breathable, which keeps the feet dry and healthy even after prolonged wearing. So, when looking for the best non-athletic men’s shoe for all-day wearing, this is one of the models we recommend you take a closer look at.

Clarks men’s Bushacre 2 Desert boots

These desert boots are a pair of men’s boots which can be worn all day, and they will never feel uncomfortable, wet or sore. These manmade boots from Clarks resemble the classic desert boots produced by the company but have a synthetic crepe sole for extra comfort and safety, and are available in a larger range of colors. They are manly looking and give that impression of being both refined and classy and at the same time masculine and rugged. This model is suitable both for work and for outdoor leisure time.  In both cases, these boots will provide the feet with the comfort necessary for you to carry on with your job or whatever activity you are busy with, without being bothered by tired, sore or wet feet. These boots are very cool-looking, and they have very little need to be broken-in when you first start wearing them.  So, when looking for one of the best offers for comfortable and stylish men’s boots for standing, this model from Clarks could be the one for you. Just pick your color!

Propet Mens Village Walker Mid

They  have been referred to as “the world’s most comfortable walking shoe!” by its producer and they could possibly be right too. These sturdy shoes will last for long days, months and years of all-day walking and standing.  At the same time, they will provide all the comfort and support necessary to keep you from being distracted by soreness or discomfort while working or doing anything else. The Propet Village Walker Mid are made of quality leather and have manmade soles.  The flexibility of these shoes is guaranteed by the hand-sewn and the stitch-down construction, and the comfort which they provide is due to the full internal lining, as well as the air insole which absorbs any wetness or odor.  These walking shoes have added sturdy heel counters which provide support to the feet and legs all day long. The Propet Mid Village Walker also feature a lightweight unitsole to absorb the shock and traction from walking and reduce fatigue in the feet and body.  With an excellent price, a wide range of choices in color and a guaranteed durability, this could be one of the best investments you will be making when buying footwear for all-day use.

Dr. Martens Men’s Hazeldon Oxford

When in search for reliable, sturdy, good quality classic everyday shoes for men, which are comfortable for standing or walking all day, don’t forget to check out the Dr. Martens Men’s Hazeldon Oxford. These men’s Oxford shoes are made of leather and have extremely comfortable one-piece molded PVC outsoles without welts and synthetic soles.  The grippy sole will prevent slipping on slippery surfaces. The Dr.Martens Hazeldon shoe feature a Softwair gel heel pad which  absorbs the shock and adds to the comfort of the foot and the ankle while walking or working.  They are made from innovative and high quality materials, which all for proper ventilation, minimum sweat or odor and maximum comfort for the feet even when worn all day long. The clean looking design allows for these everyday oxfords to be worn in the office or outdoors. Even though they look tough and sturdy, these shoes are very light and comfortable to wear all day, without feeling foot fatigue or soreness because of the long hours spent on your feet.

The five characteristics of the best shoes for standing all day

The top five characteristics to pay careful attention to when looking for comfortable shoe for standing include: their fit, durability, style, material, heal and arch support as well as the price.

Obviously the first most important characteristic when choosing footwear to wear at work or all day long is to find a pair which fits you well. People’s feet are unique, and finding the perfect model and size can be an arduous task in some cases, especially for people who have problematic feet. In some cases, choosing shoes which are half or one size larger can resolve the problem with uncomfortable shoes, but trying out them before buying them is crucial, as well as going through the shoe break-in period painlessly too. If you have the chance, ask the sales assistant for advice when choosing the appropriate size or model at the shoe store
The resilience of the shoe is also important, because saying goodbye to a pair of comfy shoes can be the hardest thing. After all, when you have found the shoe which make your feet feel heavenly and rested after a long day at work, you are going to want to have them for as long as time as possible. So, when choosing comfortable shoes for spending a lot of time on your feet, you better go for a higher quality shoe, which will guarantee you more months and even years of comfort for your feet.
The third thing to pay close attention to when shopping for comfortable standing footwear is the style of the shoe. This of course, depends on your personal taste and preferences, as well as the purpose of the shoe and the dress code you may be required to follow at work.
When looking for comfortable footwear but you are working on your feet all day, the material is another essential factor to consider.  Choosing shoes made of genuine leather will ensure that they take the shape of the foot, so they will most likely adapt to your feet quickly.  Also, genuine leather is durable and will keep them from sweating while you are in those shoes.  The problem with genuine leather, apart from the animal-cruelty problem with leather and fur which many people have, is the fact that genuine leather can get stained easily and cannot be washed with water and soap like other materials. If you choose rubber or synthetic leather, it will be easier to wash them with water and soap, and they will offer more protection from spills and staining, but in many cases, the shoes made from rubber or synthetic leather offer bad breathability which can cause sweating, and development of bacteria causing foot odor. When looking for the most comfortable shoes for standing all day for everyday and all day use,  you can take a look at models made from synthetic mesh.  They are breathable and thus will keep the foot dry from sweat and odor free, but this material makes them less durable and offers little or no protection from nasty spills.
Another important tip to remember when looking for your perfect march is the heel and arch support which they offer.  As a rule of thumb, choosing shoes which have some level of heel to toe deferential will guarantee your feet will be more comfortable than if you choose shoes which are flat or have zero drop.  Naturally, if you want a comfy pair that is suitable both for standing and walking all day, you should abstain from getting a model which have more than 1 inch heels. Most athletic walkers offer excellent arch support for those who have problems with their arches, but for other models this could be a problem which can easily be resolved if you purchase arch support inserts that are suitable for your arch type. Of course, for added comfort you could choose models with extra padding to make your feet feel cozier, or a pair with extra toe space if you have wider feet. Certain models, especially work or safety shoes offer extra ankle support, and a tighter grip for a more secure feeling, which could be another thing to look for when choosing the best shoes for standing all day long.
Another factor which cannot be ignored is the price tag that is attached to this purchase.  In some cases, you may want to spend more on a pair of shoes, but ensure that they will last longer and will be providing that comfort you need when spending all day long on your feet. In case you have severe foot problems, like being flat-footed, you should definitely check our guide to best running shoes for flat feet where we recommend footwear specifically for that condition. The optimal case is to find the shoe which have the perfect combination of all these characteristics and to ensure that you stay comfortable all day long.
Whether you’re a sales clerk, a courier, a hair dresser, a dentist or a stay-at-home mom, you are bound to be looking for that perfect fatigue-free, comfortable and stylish model.  The importance of feeling comfortable when you are at your job, running your daily errands, or simply spending time on your feet is crucial for your disposition and well-being, so finding the most comfortable shoes for being up all day, day in and day out, is a top priority mission. Keeping your feet relaxed all day long will save you the pains of those sores or blisters which can be a dreadful experience after spending hours and hours wearing uncomfortable shoes. So, what are the key elements to finding the most comfortable shoes for standing on your feet all day long? We hope that our 2019 Guide will help you find those comfy shoes.

Other important considerations:

So, you are among the multitude of people who spend most of their work day or night standing up on your feet and you are suffering the consequences of this strenuous experience both on your feet and on your entire body? One simple solution to reducing the fatigue, soreness, reducing the risk of injuries and for improving your overall comfort and wellbeing is finding the proper shoes for standing all day or night long.

Apart from choosing the footwear which provides the ultimate comfort and is suited and meets the requirements for the specific work environment, here are some other important features you should take into consideration when finding the top one to wear at your job, no matter what line of work you are in:

  • Height of the heel

Always look for the pair which provide the right heel height to meet your needs. Heel height is essential for the necessary arch support for your specific arch and foot type.  In general, it is recommended that you choose shoes which have minimum ¼ inches of heel drop or height. This is important for shoes which you will be standing up and walking in all day long because flats are definitely the worse choice for this type of job. Flat soled shoes will make your feet feel sore and tired after hours of sanding up.  At the same time, make sure you stay clear from if they have 2 or more inches of drop, because they will put an extra stress and weight on your toes causing them to feel uncomfortable, tired and sore in a matter of hours. So, for the best results, choose a medium heel drop, so that your job becomes easier and bearable even after long and strenuous hours spent on your feet!

  • Leather vs synthetic

Carefully pick the material of your footwear for work and standing up too. Of course, the choice depends on your specific work environment, the requirements of your employees (if any), as well as your personal preferences. Here are some factors to take into consideration when picking between leather and synthetic materials:

  • Leather is more comfortable, as it is natural and tends to take up the form of your foot in time
  • Leather is generally easier to keep clean
  • Synthetic materials and fabrics are much lighter and breathable
  • Leather is easily damaged by certain chemicals, so keep the work environment in mind
  • Fabrics and synthetic materials can easily be torn and pierced when in contact with sharp corners and objects
  • Your footwear should match your arch type (high arch, flat feet need special shoes etc.)

Always choose a pair which have the closest fit to your specific foot shape, size and arch type for maximum comfort. When your job or other activities require you to spend long hours on foot, providing your feet with sufficient arch support is essential to reduce the stress, soreness and reduce the fatigue as well as the risk of possible injuries. Make sure you choose shoes with enough arch support provided by a suitable midsole, so that your feet and legs get the shock absorption necessary for you to be comfortable and perform your duties without having to suffer with foot pain, soreness and stress.  Remember, the better the arch support you have – the better you will feel overall. Of course, always keep in mind the specific arch type your feet have when choosing the best footwear for standing up and spending long hours walking. Make sure you buy the model with the most comfortable cushioning, flexibility and stability to keep your feet and yourself comfortable all day long.

most comfortable shoes standing all day

Q and A section:

Q: What standing all day does to my feet?

A: Standing all day or night on your feet can cause not only momentary discomfort, soreness and tired feet, but can have some medium to serious implications on your overall health and performance too. Statistics show that in the US only, about 2 million sick days were taken because of various problems and disorders of the legs and feet of the employees. Many of these problems could be prevented by choosing the most appropriate shoe for every job and every foot type.

The most common problems reported by people who work standing up or walking all day long are: sore feet, discomfort, swelling and fatigue in the feet, knees, shins, hips, calves and the lower back.

Some common painful disorders which standing up all day are: plantar fasciitis, varicose veins, hypertension, muscle soreness, bunions, arthritis, poor posture, joint and tendon damage, poor circulation and neck and shoulder pain and stiffness.

Q:  Can’t I just buy some kind of support insole?

A: If you can afford them, it is best to get custom made orthotics from a reputed podiatrist to help your feet, muscles and entire skeleton be supported and remain in a safe and stable position. Orthotics and some good quality inserts can help improve your posture, provide proper arch support, reduce stress, absorb shock, help reduce overpronation and overall help you, your feet and your body feel better after spending hours and hours standing up.

Q:  Do most brands have an option which is good for standing all day?

Not all brands offer footwear suitable for standing all day long. Depending on your line of work, choose manufacturers who specialize in designing and making comfortable work, athletic or dress shoes, suitable for your specific needs, foot type and job.

Q:  Are the same models available for both men and women?

Experienced and reputed shoe makers design and construct shoes specifically for men and for women. They do that in accordance to the physical differences between the genders. Women’s models are smaller, have narrower heels and wider forefeet, while men’s are generally wider and larger. Also, women’s shoes are lighter, more flexible and can take about 15% lesser impact of the body weight on the foot hitting the ground when walking and standing.

Q: Should I Wear Leather Or Synthetic?

You should pick the material in accordance to your specific job, needs and safety requirements as we have described above. Both leather and synthetic shoes have their pros and cons, so make sure you read our “Other important considerations” section.

Q: Is there anything else that I can do keep from getting tired from standing for long periods of time?

A: Yes, there are a number of things you can do to relieve the stress and soreness in your feet and body from standing up all day, here are some of them:

  • If possible, try to sit down during your breaks
  • Change your standing position as frequently as possible, or walk around a bit to redistribute the weight
  • If you are pregnant, spend your breaks with your feet elevated above head level
  • Apart from getting comfortable shoes, you can order custom made orthotics or get inserts for additional support and comfort
  • Stay away from very high heels or completely flat shoe
  • If possible, request that the hard floors at work are covered with a carpet or other softer material
  • Consider wearing compression socks or pantyhose
  • Flex your knees from time to time by lifting them up to your buttocks area
  • Do circular motions with your hips periodically
  • Imitate kicking an imaginary ball with the insteps of your feet
  • Periodically stretch your hamstrings and calves
  • Take care of your feet at home through massages, ice and relaxation

Q: My heels hurt when I’m on my feet all day, what can I do?

Get comfortable footwear, custom made orthotics or inserts, take care of your feet at home and take frequent breaks to rest or do exercises. If the pain is persistent, you may want to visit a podiatrist for advice and professional care.

Q: What shoes I should definitely avoid?

Avoid any which are small, uncomfortable, too tight, too flat or too high. Also, avoid these which do not comply with the safety requirements for your job (for slippage, electric hazard, safety toe, metatarsal protection, etc.)

Now with all this in mind, at last you can feel comfortable when choosing among the top choices for the most comfortable all-day shoes for men and for women.