the best slippers for sweaty or smelly feet are breathable and made of natural materialsWearing slippers is a smart thing to do because by doing so, you protect your feet while feeling comfortable and fresh at the same time. And since you use them in order to feel relaxed, you don’t really want them to cause you any stress or discomfort.

Footwear which causes excessive feet sweating aren’t popular at all, precisely because of that reason so people don’t buy them unless they do it by accident. Instead they buy those which provide cool sensation in the summer or warm sensation in the winter.

But what if it’s not the slippers that are to blame, what if your feet sweat abundantly on their own? Well in that case, you need a kind of slippers that can help you prevent that, obviously. What slippers are those? Let’s find out together.

Best overall slippers for men with sweaty feet – Acorn Digby

If you want to feel like an Italian, you can either flap your hands around a lot while talking or you could just put on a pair of these stylish Italian wool blend extra cool slippers for our sweaty feet. They offer a combo of class and utility through the fusion of design and comfort.

These slippers have a Cloud Contour memory foam footbed along with an arch support so you can wear them for a prolonged period of time even and you won’t experience any kind of discomfort even on hardwood or hard tile floors. They have an elastic panel which allows you to easily put them on or take them of but it also provides you with a solid grip on your feet so you don’t need to worry about them slipping off while you’re walking. Thanks to the moisture wicking berber lining, these slippers manage sweat with no troubles, leaving your feet fresh and dry at all times. Even if you want to work out a bit, you can do so without taking them off. Hopping outside for a while in order to get the newspapers or even go to a nearby store is an easy task for these cool house slippers that don’t get feet sweaty because they have a rubber sole that provides good traction, stability and prevents any accidental slips.

They come in five different colors and a whole lot of sizes. The manufacturer suggests buying a size larger than your regular footwear size, probably so that you can wear them even with thick socks. Wash in cold water only.

Best cool slippers for guys to use indoors or outdoors – RockDove Two-Tone

The company which makes these no sweat slippers began as a shoe customization and repairing shop for birdwatchers. After considering their customers needs, they switched to making slippers for both indoor and outdoor use.

These clogs have a very colorful design that’s perfect for younger audience, or anyone who feels young at heart. They’re made of cotton with just a pinch of spandex and they allow your feet to breathe, preventing sweating issues. EVA type of memory foam provides comfort and stability, along with a bit of arch support. Once you take these cool house slippers, the memory foam footbed returns into its original form in just two seconds which means that any kind of unwanted deformation that may cause you discomfort isn’t possible. Rubber soles stick to the ground and keep you well balanced at all times, both outdoors and indoors.

These slippers for men who have sweaty feet issues come in five sizes and six different color types for both kids and adults. You can wash them in a washing machine but make sure to set the program to gentle with cold water. Air dry only!

Best indoor men’s slippers for sweaty feet – ACORN Men’s Moc Slipper

These slippers that are breathable and moisture-wicking just scream cool. But not any kind of cool, we’re talking about Jay Gatsby cool. They look like something a classy millionaire would wear in his house and it’s not an exaggeration to say that.

This is a moccasin style house footwear with a Cloud Cushion memory foam which helps you to get rid of any feet pain caused by fatigue. Moisture wicking lining of the slippers allows your feet to breathe and it prevents sweat from accumulating inside the moccasins, keeping you dry and comfortable. The back of the slippers go over your feet in order to keep them on you even while climbing the stairs or jogging. Rubber soles allow you to wear these Mocs in indoor and outdoor areas.

They come in twelve different colors and a whole bunch of sizes. Just like the previous slippers we mentioned, these ones should also be washed in cold water and dried in air.

Unisex slippers – great for both men’s and women’s sweaty feet – LE KAPMOZ UNISEX

When you hear of indoor slippers which aren’t specifically for men nor women but Instead for both, you would imagine something like this. Relaxed and simple design that’s well received by both sexes is the main trait of these slippers. Along with the fact that they’re adequate for people with sweaty feet of course.

The insoles of these warm weather slippers set are made from boiled wool which keep your feet dry and warm in all conditions. They are also antibacterial and prevent bad odor so they suit even those with the most sweaty feet. Back heel cup and an arch support, along with the non slip soles provide great stability.

They come in six colors and five sizes. Wash them in cold water, dry them in air and make sure to keep your toenails trimmed so that you don’t tear them up from the inside.

Best women’s sweaty feet slippers – LE KAPMOZ Boiled Wool Cozy

Next up we have something for all the lovely ladies out there who also struggle with that pesky sweaty feet problem. This is an indoor model but you could probably wear them outside for a short while, like when getting the papers or letting your dog do his thing because they are waterproof after all.

In all honesty, these slippers are basically identical to the unisex ones we just reviewed but they’re more optimized for women, in an aesthetical sense. No more sweaty feet or bad odor thanks to the boiled wool lining inside the slippers. Antibacterial properties come in handy if you have any pets prancing around the house, leaving all kinds of things on the floor. This set of women’s slippers for sweaty feet provide you with stability because they wrap around your feet snuggly.

Unlike the unisex model, these ones have a wonderful flower pattern embroidered on their upper side. Choose from four bright and cheerful colors, in three sizes. Cold water wash, air dry, and regular toenails clipping are recommended if you want to have these slippers for a long time.

Best value no sweat slippers – ISOTONER Women’s Classic Terry

We will be finishing up this list of ultimate slippers for cold and sweaty feet with a wonderful gift for the precious women in your lives. If your mother, sisters, daughters, and of course wife have troubles with sweaty feet and like slippers, you should consider getting these for them.

A beautiful gentle design with very feminine colors is the first thing that catches your eyes with these slippers. But they aren’t just pretty, they are also comfortable, stable and great for resolving the problem of sweaty feet.

They are made from a cotton blend so your feet can breathe better and not get moist. The insoles are made of adaptive memory foam with arch support, providing you with a comfortable feeling while wearing these slippers, even after a long day of standing in your shoes. The design is a clog type so you can easily and quickly put them on or take them off. The possibility of accidental slips is lowered to a minimum due to the rubber soles which offer great traction both indoors and outdoors.

These women’s slippers come in six colors and eight sizes. The manufacturer recommends getting a bigger size because they come small. Wash them with cold water only and dry in air.

Some FAQ:

Before we part ways, we want to answer a couple of frequently asked questions that may be bothering you as well. Because that’s just how nice we are.

Why do my feet sweat so much?

There are two main reasons why your feet are sweating excessively. First one is technical while the second one is medical. Let’s start with the technical one.

It’s quite simple actually, bad footwear. If you get yourself some shoes or sneakers or even slippers which don’t possess the proper moisture and temperature management properties, your feet will surely sweat a lot. This is what separates the quality footwear from the lousy ones, and the price tag usually follows it. Those ridiculously expensive basketball sneakers aren’t that pricey only because a big famous company makes them, that’s just half of it. The other half of the price comes from quality. Can you imagine how much do NBA players sweat during a game? They never go to the toilet even though they drink like a gallon of water on each timeout. That’s because they sweat all those fluids out. But their feet stay dry enough, all thanks to the footwear. So if you have adequate footwear, your feet shouldn’t sweat that much.

The other reason is medical and it’s a condition called hyperhidrosis. This problem is usually inherited and you can’t catch it from someone like a cold. People with this condition sweat a lot even when it’s not very hot outside.

How to prevent sweaty feet?

You can prevent sweaty feet with proper quality footwear. If by any chance that doesn’t help then you might have hyperhidrosis and you should consult your doctor.

But even if you have it, there’s no need to worry. You can take some medications which will help you with that. Unfortunately you can’t cure it but if you keep your hygiene levels at top, it won’t affect your life in any way.

However there are a few things you can do to reduce excessive sweating of your feet:

  • keep good hygiene – that translates to washing well your feet daily and changing your socks every day
  • avoid constrictive shoes and slippers
  • don’t wear damp shoes and dry them well. If possible rotate your shoes – apart from letting them dry properly, you will also improve their lifespan
  • help absorb moisture by applying foot powder or baking soda inside your shoes

How to choose no sweat slippers

Having your feet sweaty for a prolonged period of time can turn into a serious problem. It’s not just about the smell or discomfort, real health issues could occur due to this issue. Some of the soldiers who fought in the Vietnam and Korea even lost their lives because their feet remained soaked for a very long time which in turn caused serious infections that went bad really fast.

So it’s pretty clear that your feet must stay dry but how can you achieve that? With proper footwear of course. Since we’re talking about slippers now, here’s what you need from them if you have sweaty feet.

First they need to be made from fabrics that don’t cause sweating. Synthetic materials usually fail at this and cause your feet to get steamed and moist. Natural fabrics mostly perform well here but it’s not a rule or a certainty. However, they come short in another area which is evaporation, but we’ll get to that a bit later. Proper blends of both are perhaps the best in this segment along with the natural materials.

The next important thing is absorption and evaporation. These two must be in sync because if they aren’t and let’s say your slippers absorb sweat well but don’t evaporate it, you might end up in a tough spot since you can get fungus infection or similar troubles this way. So the fabric must quickly absorb the sweat you produce but also quickly evaporate it, leaving your feet clean and dry. Proper blends of natural and synthetic or two or more adequate natural materials usually have these characteristics. Think of sport jerseys but for your feet.

Now that we know what to look for when choosing new slippers, it’s about time we take the plunge and get a good no sweat pair of slippers.