A person can be born with flat feet, but in many cases, this uncomfortable condition appears later on in life, especially following regular running, lots of walking, and other strenuous activities. The foot’s arch is very important not only for the support of the body but for absorbing the shock from walking, running, moving or standing.
Usually, we don’t realize how crucial the foot arch is until we start feeling the effect of having flat feet and the anti-shock cushioning effect is no longer available, plus the strain starts building up in the feet and legs, often leading to intense pain. So, no wonder people have been spending so much time and money trying to find the best solution to resolve this painful condition.
The positive news is that there are shoes which are especially designed to alleviate this condition, so we have picked our top favorite best walking shoes for flat feet.

New Balance M1540v2
Optimal Control
Brooks Addiction
Walker V-Strap
# 1 for women# 1 for men
Saucony Grid Omni
New Balance M1340v3
Optimal Control
# 2 for women# 2 for men
Orthaheel Women’s
Walker Shoes
Orthaheel Men’s
Walker Shoes
# 3 for women# 3 for men

Guide to the best walking shoes for flat feet for 2019

Best walking shoes for women with flat feet

Orthaheel Walker Shoe

The Women’s Orthaheel walking shoes are one of the top pairs of walking shoes for women who suffer from low arches and flat feet. The upper is made of water-resistant full-grain leather with moisture-wicking mesh, and they have a manmade sole. Most importantly, these shoes feature special EVA midsoles for shock absorption, to support the arches, and reduce the strain in the feet and legs while walking or running. These walking shoes have a polyester upper lining and a sock liner for additional comfort. They have tri-plantar motion control that helps to correct the overpronation and aligns the feet to the body.

The removable orthotics have been especially designed by podiatrists and offer a biomechanical fit thus providing ultimate comfort and shock absorption for people who suffer from flat feet.

New Balance M1540v2 Optimal Control Shoe

The New Balance Women’s W1540v2 Optimum Control are specifically designed for ladies who suffer from planter fasciitis or from flat feet. They provide the best comfort via the N2 cushioning technology. The extra arch support is provided by the lite midsole foam, the PU foam insert and the special crash pad heel for shock absorption. These shoes also have a dual density post and T-beam control for pronation. Like the other specialized shoes for flat feet, these are more on the expensive side, but in fact they can be legible for reimbursement from Medicare. These walking shoes are most definitely worth it, and will literally change your life, if you have flat feet.

Saucony Women’s Grid Omni Walker Walking Shoe

The Saucony Women’s Grid Omni Walker Walking Shoes are a perfect choice for walking shoes for ladies who have flat feet and suffer the consequences from this painful condition. Put the pronation problems behind and be able to walk for hours at a time without strain on your feet with these moderatrely cushioned sneakers. They have an especially designed biomechanical asymmetric sole, a molded EVA midsole, a midfoot bridge for arch support and for shock-absorption, a Grid system for extra stability and cushioning for the heel, plus a patented outsole which offers smooth transition from heel to toe when walking. Made out of excellent quality leather, these shoes are durable, and they definitely look great and youthful. For this model, it is recommended to order a size larger for a better fit.

Best walking shoes for men with flat feet

Orthaheel Walker Shoe

The VIONIC with Orthaheel Technology Men’s Walker shoes are of excellent quality. They are built to With full-grain leather uppers and manmade soles, these walking shoes are made to last and endure. They have been designed in order to provide the best comfort to men who suffer from low arches, flat feet and other foot problems. They have a built-in orthaheel footbed for motion control and a contoured arch for shock absorption and support of the arches of the feet. They also have a roomy heel cup which allows for the realignment of the stride. The molded EVA midsole offers smooth heel-to-toe transition when walking. The traction was improved due to the rubber outsole. They have proudly received the APMA Seal of Acceptance. Feel the increased stability and comfort provided by the thermoplastic heel counter. Furthermore they have special anti-bacterial cloth-covered inserts to minimize the odor.

Finally, like with many of the other shoes of this type, it is advisable to order a size larger than yours, in order to get the perfect fit.

New Balance M1340v3 Optimal Control Shoe

Another top pick for the best walking shoes for flat feet are the New Balance Men’s M1340v3 Optimal Control Shoes. These synthetic-mesh shoes offer more toe space than other shoes in this range, and have excellent cushioning features, including the ABZORB crash pad heel, ACTEVA midsole foam, the N2 cushioning and a PU foam insert. The support for the arches is guaranteed, and also the pronation is given extra control through the dual density posts and T-beams of these shoes. Once again, they can be eligible for Medicare reimbursement, but even without that they are definitely worth the money.

Brooks Addiction Walker V-Strap Walking Shoes

Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker V-Strap Walking Shoes have round toes on their synthetic uppers, and a manmade outsole for better traction. The MoGo midsole cushioning provides the necessary support for the arches and reduces the stress on the feet and legs while walking when you suffer from flat feet. The Velcro strap closure allows for the person wearing these shoes to choose a tighter fit, or a medium or loose. Their insoles are removable, and the shoes can easily be fitted with other orthotics as well.

Difference between walking and running shoes for low arch

The main difference between walking and running shoes for flat feet is that running shoes in general are more popular than walking shoes, and thus there is a much wider range of designs, brands, and colors available to choose from.
In general, running shoes have thicker soles for a cushioning and shock-absorbing effect. But the good quality walking shoes for flat feet are designed and made in a way that promotes a smoother heel-to-toe transition while walking, while the running shoes are designed for flat-footed landing. Walking shoes are also more flexible, so many people who have a flat foot problem consider the walking shoes for flat feet much more comfortable than runners or other types of sneakers.

What are the characteristics of the best walking sneakers for flat feet?

In general, when shopping for the best sneakers for flat feet, you should look for the models, which are explicitly designed to give that extra support to the arches, and to absorb the shock, which otherwise causes quite serious soreness and pain in the feet and legs of people who suffer from this condition.
Usually, these shoes will be labelled as having “added support”, but if you are not sure, the extra arch support can be felt by feeling the insole of the shoe and detecting whether there is a firm bump in the place of the foot arch.
Apart from the arch support, shoes made for people with flat feet also should offer stability to the feet and body, because people who have flat feet can get into some dangerous postures, and can twist an ankle during running or walking because of their condition. This is why many manufacturers add motion control features to their specialized shoes for flat feet in order to provide stability and safety for the ankles as well as the necessary arch support.