If you are like me and simply love the classy and stylish look of hard floors for your home, you may have experienced some unpleasant slipping incidents as well as soreness and chill to your feet especially during the cold seasons. The best way to cope with these issues is buying suitable slippers for walking on hardwood floors and for hard tiles.

I would strongly recommend getting a pair of the right slippers which not only look great, but which provide sufficient cushioning and warmth and at the same time keep your feet from getting all sweaty and slippery. Also, keep in mind that the best house shoes for hardwood floors should have rubber soles which provide reliable grip as well as keep the feet safe and stable, and at the same time are quiet and do not leave marks on your beautiful hard flooring. Look for good quality pair which will serve you for long when you are making your choice.

Here are my personal picks which are available at the market right now:

Best women’s slippers for hardwood and hard tile floors

ACORN Women’s Moc

Acorn Mocs are simply the best choice for men and women who have to walk on hardwood floors with their slippersThe Moc from ACORN are a classic choice which you will hardly ever regret making if you are shopping for the women’s hardwood flooring slippers. They are perfect for any season and you have an incredibly wide choice of materials, fabrics, textures, colors and styles to pick from, so you can get a pair or two which match your own personal taste and style.

Also, these indoor shoes for women have durable outsoles made of good quality rubber which will prevent you from slipping and which will ensure that your slippers don’t wear out after a few months of wearing.

You can pick out any of the multitude of options for the uppers of the Moc are made of berber, wool, faux fur or unbelievably soft fleece lining, depending on your preferences. These Mocs are an excellent option for barefoot wearing even in the coldest seasons and even on hard tile floors.

You can even wear the Acorn Mocs outdoors. They are slip-resistant, and your feet will remain warm, comfy and sweat-free due to the superb moisture wicking qualities of their lining.

These slippers feature ACORN’s trademark Cloud Cushion footbed which will leave you feeling like you are constantly walking on clouds. It is no wonder that all NASA astronauts have chosen to wear ACORN in space ever since 1984! So join them and buy a pair of these amazing inhouse Mocs right away!

Women’s Soft Gridding Coral Velvet

great example of house slippers for hardwood floors especially for a womanIf you prefer wearing 100% cushioned cotton and you want a pair of quiet and soft slippers for hardwood floors, these Griddling Coral slip-on clogs are the perfect option for you. They are an outstanding choice for young girls and women of all ages, as they provide supreme comfort and velvety softness at all times. You will never want to wear another pair of inhouse slippers after you slip on these clogs and try them on laminate floors. A superb option especially for the colder seasons!

Apart from the soft and cozy plush lining, these slippers have insoles made of 3 layers of sponge and memory foam which adds to the supreme comfort when walking on hardwood flooring.

Due to the efficient moisture absorbing features of these clogs, those slippers prevent sweaty feet.

The outsole is made of special thermos plastic rubber which provides enough grip to walk in even on slippery hardwood floors or hard tiles.

Plus, they look great! The stylish checkered coral velvet uppers will make you feel like a diva at all times. You can safely wear them outdoors because their sole is properly seamed so as to prevent any dampness or moisture getting absorbed and giving you that unpleasant soggy feel if you accidentally walk on a wet surface. Go for the beautiful and stylish option and choose the Soft Gridding Coral Velvet now!

RockDove Women’s Down Memory Foam with Fleece Lining

memory foam simply hugs the feetIf you want slippers which will fit you like gloves and yet be comfortable, warm and long-lasting, you should definitely go for these RockDoves! Your feet will feel amazingly warm and comfy whether to choose to wear these babies indoors or outdoors. They are well insulated due to the soft fleece lining. They are the right house shoes for hardwood as well as hard tile floors or even for wearing outdoors because their grippy soles will keep you steady even on polished and slippery surfaces.

You will feel relaxed and supported once you step on the special memory foam footbeds of these RockDove Memory Foam. The model features a secure high back heel to ensure that your foot fits perfectly and so that you can walk up and down staircases without the foot slipping out dangerously and causing you to trip. The EVA foam added to the footbeds will make your feet and legs feel absolutely perfect even after a long day at work or after a long walk or hike. They provide great grip and you won’t have any problem with slippery tiles.

The best part is that you can just throw them in the washing machine with your other laundry and make sure they are clean and look great at all times. So, if you are looking for a pair of slippers for tired feet to walk around comfortably and safely – this is the pair you should order now!

Best men’s house shoes for hardwood floors

ACORN Men’s Crosslander Moc

the gent's version of the most popular modelThe Crosslander Moc Slipper Moccasins are not your usual house slippers – they are incredibly attractive and masculine, and provide a comfort level which is out of this world!

Made of natural sheep Australian wool and fur, with suede uppers and added hand stitches for an amazing fit and look! You can wear them both indoors and outdoors because their outsoles are sturdy and slip-resistant. You can also go barefoot with these Mocs from ACORN because the soft wool lining of the insoles will give you the feeling of walking on clouds.

If you want quality wool slippers which you can easily slip on and off and yet provide a safe and secure fit for walking around without tripping, then you should opt for these home shoes which feature a unique double stretch gore detail to ensure just that.

They are resilient, fine-looking, soft, warm and provide superb support and stability as well as excellent grip on polished and slippery surfaces such as laminate floors, which is why they are among my top picks!

Join the group of ACORN slipper fans which includes all NASA astronauts as well and order a pair of these durable, handsome, and safe Crosslanders today!

Tamarac 7161 Camper

stylish and comfy - check out these great looking shoesIf you are a fan of moccasins and are looking for suitable men’s inhouse slippers to fit your style and needs for walking comfortably and safely on hard floors – these Tamarac Camper Moccasins are a superb choice for men!

They have incredibly soft plush lining to keep your feet as soft and as cushioned as possible even on the hardest surfaces. The added coziness of the faux fur as well as the soft and shock absorbing memory foam footbeds will leave you with the feeling that you are constantly walking on air, rather than on hardwood, stone or tile flooring.

Although they are a on my list for slippers for indoor use, they can safely be worn outdoors as well. Their synthetic outsole will keep you safe from slipping at all times. Your feet will get the right support and your heels will stay safely inside these pretty camper moccasin shoes so you can walk up and down stairs without fear of tripping and falling over.

So, given their amazing style, their quality make, and the overall comfort they provide, I can strongly recommend the Camper from Tamarac as the right house shoes for hardwood floors and anywhere really.

RockDove Men’s Down Memory Foam

truly walking on cloudsYou will be amazed every time you slip these warm fleece lined RockDoves on your feet first thing in the morning or right after a long and day at work. They provide comfortable warmth so they are superb for walking on hardwood floors especially in the fall or winter.

These indoor slippers for hardwood flooring provide cloud-like cushioning and their footbeds will mold to fit the exact contours of your heels due to the high quality memory foam. The EVA foam will also help reduce shock absorption from stepping and walking around on hardwood, stone or tile flooring.

They fit like gloves and will ensure that your feet are cozy, snug and stay safely inside and prevent you from slipping or tripping while walking around the house or when climbing or walking down stairs at home.

They are extremely lightweight and their rugged outsoles are suitable for wearing outdoors, so you can easily pack them in next time you go out camping or on vacation or a business trip.

Plus, when you come home you will just need to pop them in the washing machine and they will be as good as new once again!

Overall these are a beautiful, light and yet warm and cushioned pair of slippers which are great for walking on any kind of hardwood flooring.

Best unisex crocs for hardwood flooring – crocs Unisex Mammoth EVO Lined Clog

best crocs for hard floors – the Mammoth are tackling well both tiles and hardwoodIf you are looking for a matching pair of comfortable and durable slippers for him and her – the Unisex mammoth EVA lined Crocs are clogs which you should definitely consider purchasing. The classic comfort provided by Crocs clogs is combined with an exceptionally soft and fuzzy lining for added comfort, cushioning and warmth. It adds to their overall comfort and helps improve the shock absorption to minimize the stress on the feet when walking on hardwood floors indoors and outside.

The soft lining is removable and washable, so you can keep your Mammoth clogs nice and clean at all times.

They also feature a heel cap for a more secure fit to avoid any tripping or other incidents when walking in them on laminate flooring or when climbing stairs. You can always fold his heel cup down if you prefer the classic clog fit.

The outsole is durable and has a rugged lug pattern which will ensure that you stay safe from slipping even on the shiniest and most polished surfaces at home. The fully molded trademark Croslite material ads to the well-known cushioning and comfort offered by Crocs.

So, if you want extremely comfortable slippers which you can wear all-year around at home or outdoors – opt for the Unisex Mammoth model from Crocs!