The overpronation which can occur while running and jogging can cause more serious hip and knee problems and pain, which is why if you are a runner or enjoy jogging from time to time and have flat feet, you should seriously consider getting a pair of good running shoes to alleviate the problem. Usually, they are especially designed to provide extra support for the foot as well as motion control to keep the overpronation under control.

Brooks Adrenaline
GTS 18
New Balance
# 1 for women# 1 for men
New Balance
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18
# 2 for women# 2 for  men
Asics GEL-Noosa
FF 2
Kayano 24
# 3 for women# 3 for men
See the detailed reviews of these sneakers below. If running is not your thing, click here for the Best WALKING Shoes for Flat Feet

Best running shoes for flat feet at a glance

The athletic sneakers which offer stability are often supplied with extra dense foam in the innersole under the arch, while the motion control feature is usually provided via a hard material used to “replace” the fallen foot arch. Yes, it sounds uncomfortable, but the leading shoe makers have invested into studying biomechanics, and in adding features and materials to make wearing these shoes more comfortable. There is a huge range available, so to make life easier for you, we have picked the top 3 of the best running shoes for flat feet for ladies and the top four models of men’s best shoes for flat feet for 2019.

Top picks for women

Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 18

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 is another highly recommended model of running shoes for ladies who suffer from flat feet. With its modern, light and flexible design, this is one eye-catching smooth and soft running shoe. Packed with the latest innovative technologies and features from Brooks, these Adrenaline sneakers will offer comfort and stability to the feet of women suffering from mild to severe problems with overpronation.

The Brooks GTS have a no-stitch snug fit, which gives extra support to the midfoot, and extra independence of movement and action to the heel and forefoot. This is made possible via the specially designed progressive diagonal rollbar in each shoe plus the biomechanical design of the midsole allowing for progressive control of the pronation of the foot. These running shoes are fitted with Brooks’ trademark DNA cushioning technology for perfect comfort and stability suitable for the specific stepping and running style of the individual wearing them. The outsole features another patented technology by Brooks which adds a higher durability and abrasion resistance to this model. This means that investing in a pair of these babies is a wise choice in the long run – literally and figuratively speaking. View on Amazon

New Balance Women’s W940V3

The New Balance W940V3 are one of the best flat feet shoes for ladies.  These athletic shoes are designed specifically for women who suffer from moderate to severe overpronation. The W940V3 are packed with cutting-edge features for stabilizing the feet and for soothing the problems and the pain which can result from running and exercising with flat feet. These include: special forefoot flex grooves on the shoes, a stabilcore medial post, a unique T-Beam support shank for shock absorption and extra foot support, plus a N2 low to the ground inner cushioning. The ortholite foam adds to the comfort, freshness and breathability of these shoes.

Other features of these New Balances include an antimicrobial footbed.  The upper of these shoes is made from a soft synthetic mesh and the blown rubber outsole is lighter than the soles of previous New Balance models.

So, even if you are not into active sport or training, but you need comfortable footwear for work or leisure, the W940V3 could be the perfect shoes for you. View on Amazon


ASICS Women’s Noosa FF 2

The newest addition to our selection. They offer excellent value/price ratio, have bright amazing colors and are really comfortable.

These iconic sneakers will not fail you, they deliver excellent performance and at the same time have gel cushioning that is excellent for mild over pronators.

There is currently excellent deals for selected colors/sizes. View on Amazon

Brooks Women’s Ariel 18 Shoe

Another top shoe for active women with flat feet is the Brooks Ariel 18. Brooks has designed and made this Ariel shoe specifically for women who have problems with mild to severe overpronation of the feet. The amazing Brooks DNA cushioning technologies allows for an automatic physical adaptation to the pace and specific stepping of the person wearing these shoes. This allows for some added comfort and stability for women while training.

The innovative biodegradeable mid-sole of these shoes called BioMogo is one of a kind. It can biodegrade about 50 times faster than other midsoles, whilst this doesn’t affect the durability and performance of these running shoes.

The special motion control technology from Brooks named “Sister of the beast” help relieve the negative side-effects and pain from running or walking with flat feet.

A special diagonal Rollbar accel has been integrated into this athletic shoe for support of the arch and midfoot and for helping the heel and the toes to move and act independently while striding and running. As with their other athletic shoes models, Brooks has created this excellent Ariel 18 shoe to inspire women to lead more active lifestyles, and to enjoy it more. View on Amazon

Top picks for men

New Balance Men’s M940V3

New Balance’s M940V3 Shoe is one of the best athletic sneakers for men who suffer from flat feet. They are designed with special forefoot flex grooves and a low to the ground cushioning for reduction and relief of the pain and discomfort resulting from pacing or running with mild or severe cases of flat feet. The patented medial post and T-Beam TPU support shanks in each shoe help provide that extra stability and comfort while running, and the antimicrobial ortholite footbeds help the feet stay dry, odor-free and healthy while training or jogging.

These New Balance M940V3 shoes are very light and yet they provide the perfect cushioning, shock-absorption and support to the feet of men who have problems with flat feet but do not want this physical problem to stop them from staying active and fit. These sneakers are lighter than all their predecessors. The ortholite foam in these shoes gives the feet that extra breathability and comfort which makes training and going for a run a real pleasure for those who have problematic flat feet. View on Amazon

Brooks Men Beast 18

Brooks Men Beast 18 are an excellent choice for men who have flat feet and want to train, run and stay active more comfortably.

The full-foot DNA cushioning technology by Brooks allows for the shoes to adapt and shape themselves in correspondence to the specific walking and running style of the person wearing them – to provide the feet with the necessary stability and comfort at all times.

Another technology patented by Brooks, the BioMogo biodegradable midsole has been used in this model. It allows for a much faster biodegrading of the midsoles as compared to other athletic footwear, and yet to not affect the durability of the shoes themselves.

These Men Beast running shoes are also fitted with a diagonal rollbar accel designed especially to add support to the midfoot and more independent mobility to the forefoot and the heels of those who suffer from flat feet.

Made to elevate the training experience or make your runs much more enjoyable, these Beasts are an excellent choice for men with over-pronation, and can be worn as athletic shoes and as everyday shoes as well. View on Amazon

Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 18 Shoe

Another highly recommended model for men suffering from flat feet worth mentioning is Brooks Adrenaline GTS18.

It has a unique design featuring the patented DNA customized cushioning by Brooks plus added Omega flex grooves which give these running shoes extra flexibility, stability, comfort and cushioning. These are incredibly light and fit the feet perfectly. They have a segmented crash pad which accustoms to the specific shape of the heel and the laydown of the body to provide just the exact amount of softness and stabilization of the heel with the toes while walking, running or training. The contact between heels and toes is made as smooth as possible by Brooks who chose to remove the midfoot shank in these running shoes for men with flat feet.

With their lightness, comfort, flexibility, durability and the amazing design, it should be no surprise that these Adrenaline GTS are one of our top recomendations. Get them at a good price here

ASICS Men’s GEL-Kayano 24

The ASICS GEL-Kayano 24 are designed and made especially for men who have problems with flat feet. The design by the ASICS designers includes the unique Personal Heel Fit technology which is a double layer memory foam system to keep the heel comfortable and secure while running or walking.

The Gel-Kayano shoes have an additional supportive ASICS Guidance Trusstic system, plus a Guidance Line flex groove technology for added comfort, flexibility, and enhancement of the natural stride. These Kayanos are light, breathable and durable, and they are made from a stretchy material which adjusts to the shape of the foot and heel allowing for perfect fit and comfort during training, running or simply enjoying leisure time. The upper has a biomorphic fit and is made of a stretchable and breathable synthetic and mesh, which helps the feet stay dry and cool even during the most intensive training. The design of this shoe allows for an improved efficiency when running and training, and at the same time they provide the comfort and stability necessary for any everyday task, so they can be used as all-purpose shoes too. View on Amazon

A large number of people suffer from flat feet or low arches, and whilst in many cases this is a health condition which causes no problems or pain, in others it can lead to serious foot , heel or arch discomfort and pain especially when walking intensively or running. In case you are on the other side of the spectrum of feet problems, and have high arches, go check the guide to finding shoes for high arches.

Characteristics to look for before purchasing:

If you are one of the many runners who have low arches or flat feet, you must be aware that finding the best shoes for running with flat feet is essential for your comfort, safety and for maximum performance. When running with flat feet, your arches collapse when hitting the ground, which leads to overpronation, twisting your ankles and feet inwards, and a subsequent overcompensation by your knees. Since, our arches are meant to support about 3 times the body weight of the person when running and walking, it is crucial to find footwear which is suitable for fallen arches to compensate for this function and provide a safe and comfortable experience.

Here are some tips to consider when shopping for suitable sneakers for flat feet:


Look for sneakers which provide the sufficient support necessary for runners with low arches. Choose models which feature “added support” when choosing the best ones for your low or collapsed arches. This will ensure that your overpronation will be under control even during intensive and demanding runs. This will help reduce the soreness, stress, and risk of injuries, so make sure you pick one of the many stability shoes available on the market. Stability footwear usually feature medial post with harder foam right below the medial side of your arch. For experienced flat footed runners, it could be an even better solution to choose neutral shoes, but this takes a lot of experimenting and getting used to, so stick to the stability shoe or motion control shoe if you are a newbie.


Another must have feature is the sufficient midsole and heel cushioning and support to be able to absorb the shock and reduce the risk of injuries and strains of the feet and legs. Look for shoes with padded tongues and collars for added comfort.


Motion control models are great for runners who have fallen arches because they offer not only the stability necessary to control the overpronation but they provide added support to the feet via the harder uppers to lock them into the proper and safer position when running. Again, not all runners will find this type of shoe comfortable enough for walking and running, so make sure you try them on to assess the comfort level they provide for your specific needs.


As for any running shoe, it is preferable that you pick a model which provides good breathability and moisture control. This will keep your feet comfortable, fresh and safe from slippage during your run.


Make sure that the shoe is flexible enough. Even though they should provide stability and motion control, you will be running with them, so make sure they have the flexibility to make your experience comfortable, and so that your performance is not hindered, but rather improved by wearing such shoe.

Choose better quality sneakers which will endure more miles of running, so that you are sure that you are making a good investment!

best running shoes flat feet

Tips for Flat-Footed Runners

Some other things you may do to alleviate the pain and other negative consequences training with low or collapsed arches include:

Getting custom made orthotics by a good podiatrist or good quality inserts to help control and prevent the overpronation when running, and provide extra support for your feet and ankles.

Try running on even ground to reduce the risks of injuries and the over pronation which occurs in runners who have flat feet. If you run on flat terrains and avoiding uneven ones this will reduce the risk of injuries and straining of the feet, ankles, knees and legs which people with fallen arches are prone to.

Do some special exercises to train and strengthen your arches. Make sure you do toe curls with the help of a rolled up towel regularly. Sit on a chair, place your feet on the rolled towel and curl your toes as much as you can to “grab” the towel. Pull it towards you and then put it down. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times per day. Do the reverse exercise by “grabbing” the towel ridges with your curled toes and pushing it away again 10 times per series. Here is a quick video that shows suitable exercises:

If you find that nothing helps reduce the discomfort and soreness, go to a good sports podiatrist to get professional advice and help for your low arches.

Q and A section:

Q: Flat foot: what is it?

A: a flat foot is a common foot deformity where the foot arches are very low or collapsed causing a complete or near complete contact of the entire heel of the foot to the ground when stepping or running. It can be an inborn abnormality or may develop in time due to torn or stretched tendons, inflammation or other damage to the tibia tendon, broken bones, rheumatoid arthritis or nerve problems. Flat feet can also develop due to aging, obesity, diabetes, as well as during pregnancy.

Having flat feet can cause no side effects, but in some cases, especially with runners it may cause certain unpleasant symptoms such as:

  • Sore and tired feet, especially the arches and heels
  • Swollen bottom of the feet
  • Difficult foot and toe movement
  • Pain in the legs and the lower back
  • Susceptibility to injuries in the ankles, knees and legs

Q: Can’t I just buy some kind of insole to support my arches?

If you have flat feet which are causing you pain, over pronation or fatigue, you can get custom made orthotics, which are expensive, or you can choose a cheaper variant – good inserts for collapsed arches. There are some available on the market which have a semi-rigid or long pad for the arch, an inner heel wedge or counter for the heel which you may find comfortable and supportive during your runs. Keep in mind that your running shoes should have removable foot beds or be wide enough to fit the inserts comfortably.

Q: Do most brands have an option which is good for low arches?

Most of the leading brands offer athletic shoes which are suitable for collapsed arches, so make sure you look for the models which are specifically designed and made to keep your feet safe, comfortable and reduce the fatigue of the flat-footed runners.

Q: Are the same models available for both men and women?

Usually the reputed manufacturers will design and construct the same model of running shoes specifically for men and for women. They take into consideration the differences in the shape of the foot, the hip size as well as the body and muscle mass of the two different genders. Although you can purchase unisex models for your run, you should first try on ones which are made for your gender. Women’s shoes tend to be made for narrow heels and wider forefeet, and men’s footwear is usually wider and larger. Also, the shoes for ladies are lighter and their midsoles offer less impact support. Always choose the pair which fits you best and which provide you with the support and comfort for your specific foot shape, size, pronation and your needs!


While there are special low arch support insoles which can reduce the symptoms of flat feet, there are also a number of running shoes designed and made especially for people suffering from flat feet available too. We hope that we’ve made your choice easier with this guide to best running shoes for flat feet!