Being a nurse involves working intensively for long hours, dealing with serious and sometimes critical situations, and hardly having any time to sit down and rest your feet. This is why, getting the best nursing shoes is crucial for the women and men who have this noble profession.

Dansko Pro Patent ClogSanita Pro Celina Clog
# 1 for women# 2 for women
New Balance women WX608V5Alegria Classic Clog
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Nike Men’s Air Max 90New Balance Men’s WX608V4
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A good nursing shoe will reduce the strain on the feet and legs, and help with the back pains and shin splints which are common problems for nurses. Thankfully, there is a wide assortment of choices for excellent nursing shoes, which are not only comfortable but are stylish as well. Here are our top recommendations for some of the best nursing shoes for women and men that currently being offered on the market.

Our top 13 best shoes for nurses we highly recommend

Best nursing clogs reviewed:

Dansko Professional Clog

Dansko Women’s Professional Patent Clog

Our first favorite pair of great nursing clogs are the Dansko Women’s Professional Patent Clogs. This Danish brand is definitely among the world class leaders in the design and production of top notch quality, comfortable and resilient shoes for work.
These clogs are made of excellent quality leather, and have a safety toe box which is roomy enough to keep the toes safe and comfortable even after a long shift in the hospital. Their breathable footbeds will keep the feet dry and healthy. They have a special PU frame and a protective heel counter and excellent arch support which gives extra stability and support for the feet and body.
Easy to clean, made of highest quality materials and well designed, these clogs will keep you comfortable and safe for years to come.

Alegria Donna for nurses

Alegria Women’s Classic Clog

The Alegria Women’s classic Clogs are both pretty and comfortable, which is the dream for most ladies who spend a lot of time walking around while working.
Easy to put on and yet stable and slip-proof, these clogs are light and cushioned to give you maximum comfort. They offer serious arch support and are fitted with removable memory foam and cork footbeds which will allow you to spend your day striding around and doing your job without getting sore or tired feet.
Their spacious toe boxes and excellent design make them excellent shoes for nurses, and the other good news is that no break-in is required, so you can literally take them out of the box, slip them on and go to work without worrying about getting sore feet while at it.

Oiled leather clog

Dansko Women’s Pro XP Mule Shoe

The Dansko Women’s XP Mule shoes are another pair of excellent clogs for nurses, chefs or anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet. Their especially designed heal-to-toe rocker-bottom soles help reduce the stress in the feet and the entire body from walking around all day. Like the other shoes from Dansko, these clogs offer superb arch support and are designed and made to promote good health for the feet, the back and the posture. Fitted with breathable footbeds and designed to offer the best shock absorption, you will feel light as a feather and stay on the move for hours and hours with these clogs.

comfortable nursing shoes

Sanita Women’s Professional Celina Clog

Another well-known Danish shoe brand is offering the Sanita Women’s Professional Celina Clogs, which are of excellent quality. The producer has more than 100 years of tradition in making clogs, and this particular model is crafted for people who spend most of their time walking and standing on their feet. They are perfect for nurses because of their high-quality materials, the special manmade soles, and the fact that they offer extra safety with their slip-proof soles, and shock absorption features. They are easy to clean and are oil and water resistant. These Sanita clogs offer a nice and comfortable fit, and will endure for years of walking and wearing, so they are definitely an excellent investment for nurses.

Timberland Renova

Timberland Pro Women’s Renova Pewter Clog

The Timberland Pro Women’s Renova Pewter Clogs are also a brilliant choice for nurses. They have a special Timberland anti-fatigue design, shock absorption and are easy to slip on. Plus, their oblique toe box adds to their superb comfort and safety features.
Their soles are especially made to be slip-resistant and their special heal-to-toe rocker shape will help you keep walking and moving easily and without fatigue or strain on the feet and body. Their upper is made of high quality full grain leather with a special 3M protection to guard them from staining. They are exceptionally durable, easy to clean and will make your long shifts much easier on the feet, legs and the back.

Best nursing shoes: Slip ons

Skechers Premium Premix

Skechers Sport Women’s Premium-Premix Slip-On Sneaker

If you aren’t comfortable in clogs, these Skechers Sport Women’s Premium-Premix Slip-On Sneakers are an excellent alternative for easy to put on comfortable shoes for nurses and other health care professionals. They have a cute and yet professional design, and offer a snug and supportive fit. Their cushioned tongues, footbeds and collars, plus the air cushions in their heels make walking and standing for many hours much easier on the feet, legs and back. Their rubber soles are durable and offer slip-protection, and the shock absorbing midsole will make pacing around all day long easy and fun. So, for a snug and yet easy to slip on pair of shoes for long shifts in the hospital you should definitely keep these Sketchers sneakers in mind.

Merrel Moccasin Pro Grip

Merrell Women’s Jungle Moccasin Pro Grip Slip-Resistant Work Shoe

The Merrell Women’s Jungle Moccasin Pro Grip Slip-Resistant Work Shoes are another pair of slip-ons which are perfect for nurses and people who spend their days or nights walking long distances or standing up.
Made of top quality materials, including full-grain leather and sturdy slip resistant rubber soles, these shoes will endure for years. They have shock absorption features, and offer excellent traction to keep you on the move comfortably and safely. The Jungle moccasins have removable foodbeds and anti-odor treatment to ensure that your feet are dry and healthy even after a 12 hour shift. So, if you are looking for comfy, safe and durable shoes for work, these are an excellent option.

Best sneakers for nurses (male and female)
New Ballance shoes for female nurses

New Balance Women’s WW813 Walking Shoe

Many nurses, cooks and other people who spend most of their days or nights moving around and standing prefer to wear sneakers, and New Balance Women’s WW813 Walking Shoes are a model which we can highly recommend for this purpose.
They have wide and comfortable toe boxes, walking strike path outsoles and a stability system which helps reduce the stress and fatigue of hours of walking, and keeps the feet comfortable and stable at all times. They are also lightweight, supportive and durable, which is why they are perfect for nurses and health professionals.

New Ballance nursing shoes for men

New Balance Men’s MW813 Lace-up Walking Shoes

The New Balance Men’s MW813 Lace-up Walking Shoes are another top choice for men who work as nurses, medical professionals, or any other profession or activity which involves a lot of indoor walking and standing.
These walking shoes offer both extra stability and cushioning, and yet their synthetic upper makes them light and comfortable for walking for hours. The padding in the tongue and collar, as well as the memory foam footbed helps provide that snug and comfortable fit. Made in the US, these sneakers are of the highest quality. They require no break-in, so you can wear them to a long shift from day one.
They are lightweight, comfortable and very durable, so they are the perfect walking shoes for nurses.

Nike air Max for nurses

Nike Women’s Air Max 90

Another recommended pair of sneakers suitable for nurses comes from Nike. The Nike Women’s Air Max 90 are light and yet offer the ultimate comfort via their Max Air heels. The shock absorbing features will make walking around for hours much easier on your feet, plus their design is very sporty and urban looking, and even though they have laces they are easy to put on.
Light but yet supportive, these sneakers will make your feet feel comfortable and rested even after hours of work. So, if you are seeking for the best sneakers for nurses, take a closer look at this pair of Nike’s runners.

Nike Men’s Air Max 90

The Nike Men’s Air Max 90 Leather Running Shoes are also very suitable for nurses or people who want to feel as comfortable as possible even after long hours of walking. They are made of high quality leather and synthetic, and are durable and yet lightweight. The Max air cushioning in the heels of these sneakers provides superb comfort and shock resistance.
Breathable and yet stable, these runners will make your life much easier and at the end of the work shift your feet will feel well. So, say goodbye to the fatigue and soreness in the feet after a long day of running around with this great pair of running shoes from Nike.

Best tennis shoes for nurses

New Ballance walking shoes for nurses

New Balance Women’s WX608V5

The New Balance Women’s WX608V5 Training Shoes are very suitable for nurses because they are lightweight and flexible, and also have the necessary cushioning and shock-absorption features to make them safe, stable and comfortable.
Their stylish uppers are made of textile and synthetic, so they are also easy to wash. They have a molded vinyl midsole and a durable rubber sole for that extra comfort and traction crucial to stay safe and functional at the job. The cushioning memory foam in their boards and heels, plus the foam in the collars help keep the feet comfortable while running and walking for long periods of time. With a special technology used in their midsoles for easy striding, these tennis shoes are perfect for nurses who spend most of their time making rounds and helping their patients.

Tennis shoes for nurses

New Balance Men’s WX608V4

Our top pick for the best tennis shoes suitable for male nurses are the New Balance Men’s MX608V4 Training Shoes. Made from high-quality leather and with rubber soles, these shoes will endure a lot of walking and running.
For men who spend a lot of time on their feet, this pair of trainers will be like a gift from heaven. They have excellent cushioning which will provide the best comfort for the feet all day long. Also, their shock absorption features will make walking even less painstaking and much easier on the feet and legs. Light, comfortable and stylish, these shoes are perfect for a lot of walking and standing.

Benefits of Having the Most Comfortable Nursing Shoes

Experienced nurses know that wearing the best nursing shoes is absolutely fundamental for their work and wellbeing, and can make life and the job much easier and enjoyable. When you spend day after day and year after year of long shifts of walking and running around the hospital, you sure get to realize how important comfortable and suitable nursing shoes really are. The good shoes for nurses are lighter than normal shoes and are made of high-quality materials, plus they have soles which prevent slipping and help reduce the stress of spending long hours walking around and standing up. This is why we’ve included good walking sneakers in this list, too.

What Are The Different Styles of Nursing Shoes?

  • Clogs (most common)
  • Slip-ons
  • Sneakers (most comfortable)

Most people agree that the best shoes for nurses are those designs without laces, allowing for easy slip on or slip off, but there are various types of suitable nursing shoes available on the market fit for every taste and preference. In general the most appropriate shoes for men and women nurses are: clogs, slip-ons or sneakers.

What Are the Most Important Characteristics of Good Nursing Shoes?


Not only must the good nursing shoes be comfortable and safe (see Personal safety for nurses), but in most cases, they also need to look professional because of the interactions with patients, their relatives and doctors in a serious environment. Sometimes, the nursing school or medical institution will have their own requirements for the types of nursing shoes their personnel is required to wear, but in many cases, the choice is up to the individual, and depends on their own preference and type of feet.


Generally, nursing shoes need to be lighter than normal shoes, in order to help reduce the stress and fatigue in the feet, legs and the body after a long and tiring shift.


Also, they need to provide good traction, so that the person wearing them is safe from slipping on wet floors, which is often the case in a hospital environment where keeping the floors clean at all times and spilling all sorts of fluids is inevitable.


Another important feature for suitable nursing shoes is that they are made of the best quality materials which can help prevent spilled fluids and chemicals from ruining them or hurting the feet, plus they should be easy to clean, given the requirements for disinfection and maintaining a high hygiene among the hospital staff. The better quality the shoes are, the more durable they are.


Well-designed and well made nursing shoes have a stable and strong arch support, in order to reduce the stress and strain on the feet and the body, and to support the ankles during the long and strenuous working hours.


The shoes should be suitable for the foot type of the person wearing them, so nurses and other medical personnel should experiment with the different models and sizes, in order to find the best pair for themselves.