Best Bartending Shoes at a Glance

Being a bartender can be fun, but it can be a serious job with some very serious hazards. Standing for hours, walking on spilt alcohol and wet surfaces are just two of the problems which bartenders face. Finding the best shoes for bartenders can make the task much less riskier and tiring.

Also, chances are that at least one drink will be spilt on the shoes every night, so waterproof shoes or shoes that do not stain are very suitable for this profession.

Of course, the choice of shoes depends on the budget, the personal taste as well as the dress code requirements of the management. But based on our experience and personal testing, we have picked our top best shoes for men and women who tend bars.

KEEN Kaci Full-Grain Slip OnNew Balance Mid626K2
# 1 for women# 1 for men
New Balance WID626V2MOZO Sharkz Slip Resistant
# 2 for women# 2 for men
Klogs USA Mission ClogECCO New Jersey Buckle Loafer
# 3 for women# 3 for men

Women’s bartending shoes


KEEN Women’s Kaci Full-Grain Slip On Shoe

Made of top quality full grain leather, these slip-on shoes are one of the top most comfortable shoes out there. The recycled EVA footed offers perfect support and comfort through the long nights or days behind the bar. The toe box is nice and wide, and the arch support provided ads to the overall comfort they offer.

The durable rubber outsole provides great traction and protection from slippage even on very wet surfaces. The shoes have mesh lining which keeps the moisture away and allows for the feet to stay dry and safe even after hours in these shoes.


New Balance Women’s WID626V2 Work Shoe

These slip-resistant work shoes from New Balance are perfect for bartenders, because not only will they help protect the person from slipping and injuring themselves, but they also provide the ultimate comfort. The upper is breathable and comfortable, and the EVA foam footed and special ABZORB midfoot cushioning provides additional comfort and shock absorption. The rubber outsole is non-marking and has been tested and found compliant to ASTM F 2913 standards for slip resistance in wet, soap and oily conditions. These shoes have a 52 durometer insert and an internal shank for stability and arch and foot support.

Great shoes, which will help the feet stay dry, comfortable and rested even after hours of work, and also will help protect the wearer from slipping.


Klogs USA Women’s Mission Clog

These Mission clogs are from the “WOW” series offered by Klogs, because first time customers are totally wowed when they slip these shoes on for the first time.

With their simple and classy design, these shoes are suitable for bartenders because they have actually designed for people in the restaurant and hospitality business. They provide excellent traction and protect from slipping even in very slippery conditions, which is something that commonly occurs behind the bar when thing start getting crazy.

These leather slip-ons are stain-proof, so they can take any kind of drink spillage on them. The Mission clogs have removable odor-resistant footed which can easily be washed.

Also, they are very durable and they are much lighter than other varieties of clogs for work. The only problem is that they run slightly larger, so you should probably order half a size smaller.

Men’s bartending shoes


New Balance Men’s Mid626K2 Training Work Shoe

The 626 K2 work shoes by New Balance feature the latest slip-resistant outsole design which is ASTM 2412-11/2413-11 certified, so you can walk on just about any soapy, oily or wet surface safely. Also, these work shoes have the amazing ABZORB cushioning foam in the heel, which helps absorb the shock and cushions the feet while standing or walking. They are designed especial for people who spend long hours standing, and have a compression molded Imeva midsole, an internal shank for added stability and are even eligible for Medicare reimbursement. With the superior traction, the added cushioning and support, these shoes are definitely one of the top picks for bartenders.


MOZO Men’s Sharkz Slip Resistant Work Shoe

These slip-on work shoes have been designed especially for men who work in kitchens. They are light and yet slip-resistant and comfortable. This combination is perfect for people who work in bars. The ultra-lightness of these shoes is due to the uniframe technology. The comfort is due to the unique MOZOFit customizable fit technology. The Sharkz shoes have a synthetic leather upper which is water resistant, very easy to clean and quite durable. They also have vents for good breathability. The cushioning is provided via the removable gel insoles and full-length cushion midsole.

In other words, these shoes are as light as feathers, but will keep you protected from slipping, will keep you safe from slipping and injuring yourself, and will keep you comfortable for hours and hours.


ECCO Men’s New Jersey Slip on Loafer

These classic and elegant slip on loafers have high quality full-grain leather uppers with elastic fabric goring on the sides, very stylish bicycle toes and buckles. While they look like formal business shoes, they are perfect not only for offices but for bars and restaurants as well. The reason is that they provide excellent comfort and cushioning, plus foot support. Also, their outsoles are made of polyurethane and have special shock points for traction, so they are slip-resistant too.

Elegant, light, durable, slip resistant and very comfortable, these New Jersey loafers from ECCO are perfect for bartenders.

The characteristics of the good bartending shoes

The main characteristics you should be looking for when shopping for the best shoes for bartenders are:

  • A good, comfortable fit. Having comfortable bartending shoes is a must when you stand on your feet for hours!
  • Sufficient cushioning and arch support
  • Slip-protective outsoles
  • Water resistant and easy to clean shoes
  • Lightweight
  • Shock resistant
  • Suitable style for your taste and dress code requirements
  • Your feet arch. If you have problematic arc such as high or fallen arch, look for specific footwear for your condition. We have listed many different guides for specific foot conditions. For example we have running shoes for fallen arches but we also have walking shoes for low arches and even flat feet insoles. Start at the homepage and drill your way down to the most relevant category for you.

Before buying the best shoes for your bartending job, remember to choose wisely and spend as much as necessary, because you will be spending countless hours standing on your feet, and you will be walking in all kinds of wet and other slippery conditions, plus you will want these shoes to be durable so you can wear them longer.

So, choose wisely!