Why the good walking insoles are so important?

If you walk a lot, you should know that walking with insoles is significantly better than without ones because of several reasons. The most important thing though is to get the best insoles for walking, and ones which work for your foot and movement type. Also, you need to keep in mind the fact that the insoles will take up space in your shoes, so you should make sure that the shoes have removable insoles which you can take out.

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Reviews of the best insoles for walking all day

Of course, there are some high quality walking shoes which are already fitted with pretty good insoles for walking, but if you are not happy with yours, keep in mind which characteristics to look for when shopping for walking insoles – they need to provide more cushioning, shock absorption and general comfort even after miles of walking. The two main types of insoles to look for are those offering support or the others offering shock absorption. Choose support insoles for pronation correction, for a better posture and for more comfort. Choose shock absorption insoles for more cushioning, reduction of foot and leg pain, and for reducing fatigue.

Here are some of the best insoles for walking:

Sole Softec Custom Footbed Response Review

Sole Softec Response Custom Footbed

These medium thick sole inserts need to be heated for a few minutes in the oven, by following the instructions of the producer, and then placed in the shoe or boot of your choice. Once you step on the warm insole – it will mold to the shape of your foot. The offer excellent arch support and have sufficient padding. Help balance and prevent foot and leg injuries. These are great for people with high arches who need ways to deal with the plantar fasciitis pain and the problems with ankle rolling.

They are insulated and treated with odor control protection, and are great for walking in the winter too, because they will keep the feet warm.

Superfeet Carbon Pain Relief Insoles Review

Superfeet Carbon Premium Pain Relief Insoles

These are the thinnest insert by Superfeet, made of ultralight, durable closed cell foam combined with strong carbon fiber stabilizer evolyte cap. They provide terrific support and reduce foot pain. They can be inserted in most kinds of shoes, even in the low volume sneakers, and even if the original insoles have not been removed. The low profiles of these inserts helps support the foot, adds stabilization and reduces stress in the knees, ankles and the feet. They naturally absorb the shock from walking long distances on hard surfaces. They have excellent breathability, odor control protection and the stabilizer caps will keep your heels in place at all times during intensive walking.

New Balance IPR3030 Pressure Relief Review

New Balance Insoles IPR3030 Pressure Relief Insole

These pressure relief insoles from New Balance are perfect for people with flat feet. They feature an extra deep heel cup and a Plastazote upper layer. The special top layer utilizes the heat of the body to actually mold to the base of the foot, thus taking the perfect shape for your foot. They have channels for better breathability and air flow. They are designed to keep the heel in place and reduce the friction of the foot with the shoe and the blistering which follows. They help redistribute the pressure of the body weight throughout the foot, to absorb the shock and to provide great cushioning even when walking for miles.

Orthaheel Insole Relief Review

Orthaheel Insole Relief Full Length Large

These inserts were designed by podiatrists and are APMA accepted as a natural pain killing solution for a wide variety of foot and leg ailments.

They have a deep heel cup, a built-in heel and added padding to the forefoot to provide sufficient shock absorption and enhance energy release and return when walking. It successfully reduces excessive pronation, which has been clinically proven. The unique biomechanical tri-planar motion control arch technology helps support and keeps the foot in neutral position.

It is lightweight and made of medium density EVA foam. The top layer is treated with natural antibacterial and anti-odor protection.

They provide very nice support and comfort and relieve all kinds of foot, ankle, and knee and leg pain even when walking all day.

HappyStep Gel Review

HappyStep Gel Insoles

These inserts feature an ultra-light design. They are made with soft memory foam and have gel cushions in the forefoot and the back heel areas. The Happy Step insoles provide full arch support. The active carbon helps remove odors, and the better breathability is ensured by the Stoma design.

They are unisex and are easily trimmable to fit your size. The memory foam and the gel cushioning will help absorb the shock and cushion your feet throughout the long day. They provide full arch support and help enhance the strength of the feet and improve the balance when walking. Best of all, these are the best budget inserts for walking on the list!

footinsole Best Foot Relief Review

Spenco Rx 3/4 lenght orthotic shoe insoles

These inserts for walking provide maximum comfort to the feet due to the unique combination of stabilization points and pressure. Their length is perfect for great fitting inside tighter fitting shoes. At the same time, these 3/4 lenght RX insoles  help absorb the shock, provide arch support and improve the circulation of blood to the feet. This leads to less fatigue and stress in the feet even after a whole day of walking.

The insole cover is treated with an antimicrobial and anti-odor protection to keep the feet healthy and fresh at all times.