Running shoes for big guys and gals at a glance

Not all runners are on the thin side. In fact runners are of all shapes and sizes. Most of the heavier runners may require use some extra support and shock absorption while running. This is best provided by finding the most suitable running shoes for heavy runners. This is necessary not only for improving their running performance, but also is essential for preventing injuries and damage to the tendons and joints. A heavy runner is a person who has a BMI of over 27. The good shoes should be durable and should be in accordance to the pronation and offer good arch support.

Here are our top choices for running shoes for women and for men on the market right now:

Clifton 5 Women
Clifton 5 Men’s
# 1 for women# 1 for men
ASICS Womens
GEL-Noosa FF 2
GEL-Noosa FF 2
# 2 for women# 2 for men
Saucony Guide 10
Saucony Men’s
Guide 10
# 3 for women# 3 for men

Best running shoes for heavy women



These jogging shoes offer amazing cushioning and shock absorption, and are possibly one of the smoothest running shoes available. They feature a full-length EV footbed and high impact polystyrene. Made for providing comfort and reducing fatigue and soreness in the feet and legs, the Clifton 5 shoes are absolutely perfect for heavy runners. Their meta rocker midsole helps guide the gait cycle. The feeling of wearing them and walking in them is like walking on clouds, and even though they look quite bulky, they are absolutely perfect and comfortable sneakers for running plus sized ladies.

ASICS GEL-Noosa ff2 Review

ASICS Women’s Noosa FF 2

With a super comfortable seamless construction, the gel-noosa FF 2 can be worn without socks, and helps provide a quick transition. The rear and forefoot gel cushioning helps enhance the gait cycle and provides perfect cushioning. The duomax support system made of EVA and SPEVA helps provide additional support and stability. The sole is made of rubber and is very durable.

Plus, it is definitely worthwhile mentioning that they come in incredible colors which will definitely draw some attention. Very suitable for heavier lady runners.

Saucony Guide 10 Review

Saucony Women’s Guide 10

These light stability sneakers are suitable both for racing and for road running. They feature the Everun top sole construction, with a very highly breathable mesh Glexfilm upper with exoskeletal support.

The dual density SSL EVA midsole, tri-flex outsole and SRC landing zone provide the ultimate cushioning, support and stability to the feet and legs. The cushioning and support they provide is perfect for ladies who suffer from plantar fasciitis, other foot pain as well as for heavier ladies. They will help reduce any fatigue soreness and help prevent injuries of the tendons or joints while running.

Best running shoes for heavy MEN over 200 lbs

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 5 Review

HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Clifton 5

These tennis shoes feature a full length EVA and full length high impact polystyrene and can easily be called one of the smoothest ride running shoes available right now. They provide amazing shock reduction and ensure a stable ride, with guaranteed leg, foot and core soreness and fatigue reduction.

The meta-rocker midsole shape is designed to have a low heel to toe differential. The cushioning, lightweight, stability and durability of these running shoes make them absolutely perfect for heavy-set runners.

ASICS GEL-Noosa Tri 11 Review

ASICS Men’s Noosa FF 2

Lighter than any of its predecessors, this shoe has a very comfortable seamless mesh upper construction which allows for barefoot wearing. Its heel and tongue grip, plus the elastic laces enable the enhancement of the transition when running.

The midsole is made of Solyte which is lighter than the standard EVA and spEVA midsoles use by ASICS and is excellent for flat feet. Yet, this shoe provides excellent cushioning, partly through the midsole and partly due to the forefoot and rear heel gel cushioning systems. The soft impact is excellent for people with bad joints and foot and leg pains. While these are excellent for flat feet, look elsewhere if you need roomy shoes specifically for bunions.

These sneakers also feature the new DuoMax support system which helps improve the stability and the support of the feet and legs despite the ultralight weight of these shoes. They are great for overweight runners because of the comfort, cushioning, support and durability. In fact, these are the best running shoes for big guys!

Saucony Guide 10 Review

Saucony Men’s Guide 10

These shoes are actually great for men over 200 lbs. because of the perfect combination of the SRC impact zone cushioning, and the EVERUN energy returning cushioning stride technology. Also because they have very durable rubber soles and iBR+ outsole pods and an XT-900 carbon rubber outsole they provide great shock absorption. They have an 8mm heel-to-toe drop and are overall great light stability shoes. They are suitable both for road and race running and have a comfortable mesh upper with tech stripes. Durable, cushioned and stable, this is a great choice for large male runners.

Nike Air Zoom Odyssey 2 Review

Nike Men’s Air Zoom Odyssey 2

The Odyssey 2 running shoes feature the responsive Zoom Air units and an added triple density foam midsole, which combined provide amazing plush cushioning and comfort.

Also, this model offers increased stability due to the midsole technology, which allows for improved support during the foot strike as well as increased stability.

The upper is made of lightweight and comfortable mesh with some Flywire cables which provide additional support to the feet by keeping them locked in position at all times. These shoes have rubber crash rail cushions for soft and smooth transitions.

So, what you get is amazing cushioning and maximum support from this pair of shoes. They are perfect for heavier runners especially for over pronators.

Characteristics to Look For

When looking for suitable running shoes for heavy runners, you should want to look for shoes which provide sufficient cushioning and shock absorption, in order to reduce the stress and the risk of injury of the tendons and the joints during running.

Of course, you should always keep in mind your foot type and the alignment of your feet when choosing appropriate tennis shoes. If you have high arches and are a supinator you will need nice cushioned shoes. For those of you with normal arches and neutral movement stability shoes are best. If you have flat feet and tend to pronate, then you need motion control shoes. All this is necessary to keep you as safe from injury and pain while running as possible.

If you are overweight, keep in mind that your shoes must be of higher quality and more durable and hardy, because they will be put under more pressure when you run in them – both from the weight of your body and the hardness when they hit the ground. Often times putting more weight and pressure on shoes can cause them to fall apart quicker.

Look for good quality running shoes, because they can cost you your health as well as help you improve your overall performance while running or racing.