Suffering from low or collapsed arches and flat feet can be quite cumbersome, especially for runners. It is a condition which can cause quite a bit of soreness and pain in the heels, bunions, ankles, legs and back. Also, the chances of being an over pronator are much higher in people who have flat feet, which is an additional risk factor for runners.


But if you are a runner and have flat feet don’t lose hope. With the proper flat feet insoles or orthotics as well as stability and motion control running shoes for low arches you shouldn’t face any of that pain and risk of injuries associated with flat feet and overpronation.

There are many living examples of athletes who have flat feet and yet have won medals, races, games and are among the most famous world athletes today. Take a look at these professional athletes with flat feet, so that you can get inspired to continue running and improving your results!

World famous famous flat footed athletes

Moroccan track and field athlete Said Aouita has revealed that he has flat feet, and yet is a multiple Olympic medal winner and world record holder. He set the world records in 5,000 and 1,500 meter runs. He also is the holder of the second fastest mile run time ever. Aouita has often spoken about his problematic flat feet and the proneness to get tendinitis.

Despite the soreness in his feet, Aouita managed to rank among the top 30 runners in the 800m run, even though this is not a distance he competes on often. He ran it in 1 minute and 45.81 seconds which is an amazing time!

Thanks to the special shoes he wear, Aouita doesn’t seem like he is giving up any time soon, and just keeps improving his running performance and achievements!

Alan Webb (runner)

Another well known, successful athlete who Alan Webb who holds the mile run record at 3:46.91 according to the famous book “Born to run” started with flat feet when he first began running, training and racing, but due to the intensive training he actually developed foot arches. So, the most famous American miler actually had flat feet. He still holds the 1 mile record I the US and also holds the high school mile run record as well, being the first high school student to run a mile under 4 minutes (at 3:53.43 min). With a lot of special exercises and training, Alan Webb went from a size 12 to a size 10 in shoes, because his arches had actually developed and lifted the heel.

Steve Plasencia (runner)

Steve Plasencia – another well -known long distance runner from the past also has flat feet. He won the California International Marathon in 1992 despite the fallen arches. He has competed in the 10,000 meter discipline at the 1992 Summer Olympics and got excellent results. For some time he was the American record holder for the 5,000 meters discipline.

Haile Gebrselassie (runner)

Haile Gebrselassie is a two time golden Olympic medal winner in the 10,000 meter run event – at the Olympics in 1996 and 2000. He is an Ethiopian long distance runner who has revealed that has flat feet.

So, whatever anybody tells you about not being able to become a winning runner or athlete because of your flat feet, think about some of these world famous athletes who have set records, won races and medals, despite having flat feet!