Deciding between Sanita and Dansko Shoes

If you work in the medical field or in another field which requires the use of work shoes, then you have probably faced the Sanita vs Dansko dilemma at some point.This is due to the fact that both brands make excellent, comfortable and high-quality work shoes suitable for medical personnel and for a number of other professions, as well as for everyday wearing. Here is our take on this argument.

The companies Sanita and Dansko

Sanita and Dansko used to be the same company, but in 2007, Dansko decided to move to the US and become a US company and outsource its production in China, and Sanita remained in Denmark.

Sanita vs Dansko professional clogs

Sanita Professional Clog Review:

Sanita clogs are attractive and have all the features of a classic clog. They have wide toe boxes, a slip-resistant rubber rocker outsole, a padded insole and an inclined forefoot.

The back is closed but it is still easy to slip on and off. The leather upper has a contrasting rubber piping on its topline. The Sanita clogs offer great comfort, arch support and stability, plus they are slip-resistant. These are one of the top nursing shoes that professionals choose to use for their long and exhausting shifts.

  • The height of the Sanita heel is 1.75 inches and the platform is 0.75 inches
  • A bit cheaper than the counterpart
  • Wide variety of colors and finishes
  • Made in Denmark, Europe
  • Since each pair is handcrafted, use this sizing chart as a rough reference only. If you are buying them online, make sure the store is offering returns

Dansko Professional Clog Review:

Dansko’s clog is made of high-quality leather, with leather antimicrobial lining and a comfortable padded collar. It has a great contoured midsole for arch and foot support, a roomy toe box, and a durable, rubber outsole which is slip-resistant and shock absorbing.

It has a breathable perforated insole and is especially designed to provide all-day comfort, support, shock absorption and safety.

  • Dansko’s heel is 2 inches high and the platform is 0.5 inches high.
  • They have that piping trim, which some people find uncomfortable, but they have a broader heel which adds extra stability to the feet and helps prevent ankle rolls.
  • A bit more expensive
  • Rich variety of finish and colors
  • Manufactured in China
  • Use their sizing chart to roughly estimate your clog size, but make sure you purchase from a retailer that offers returns, just in case

Common characteristics:

  • Both brands offer clogs which are quite similar in design and style-wise.
  • Both are professional clogs which are APMA approved.
  • Both Dansko and Sanita clogs have quite high arches for better foot and back support.
  • Neither of the two classic clogs have too much padding, and finding suitable insoles for them is not very easy. The good news is that the newer model, the Dansko Pro XP clogs have some added foam and also has a removable footed.
  • Dansko’s sizing tends to be more uneven than Sanita’s, but Dansko clogs are easier to find in stores in the US than Sanita clogs, which often can be found only online.
  • Both clogs are easy to slip on, as their fit is generally loose. This is great for easy slipping on and off, but not stable enough for quick walking or running.
  • Both types are available both online as well as in brick and mortar stores. The problem with buying a pair online is that the clogs do tend to run a bit bigger and even more, they are handmade so the sizing isn’t as precise. Still, most online stores offer free returns, so that is a consolation if the shoes you have ordered are too big or small.


Which pair to choose?

It is possible that Sanita offers slightly better quality shoes than Dansko. In order to ensure that you get the high quality Sanita clogs, make sure they have a stamped patent number 0060240 on their soles.

Actually, it could be the availability or the color and pattern availability which will help you decide between the two clogs. Plus the fact that one are made in China and the others in Europe could be an important factor for some. Overall, the differences are minimal.