They may be models from the same brand, but there is a reason why the insoles from Superfeet have different colors. The question about the difference between green, orange and blue Superfeet insoles does not have a single and clear-cut answer.

For what arch type and what shoes are these made:

SuperFeet Green Insoles

Both green and orange insoles are of high volume and with high profiles, however orange Superfeet insoles offer extra shock absorption cushioning in the forefoot area, which is suitable for high impact sports or other activities which cause serious pounding to the feet. At the same time, green insoles are created to provide standard support. Also, the orange variants have a narrower heel cup as compared to the wider heel cup of the green series.

Superfeet Orange

Orange insoles definitely provide more cushioning and comfort than green ones, but because of their high profile require wider running or other shoes.

Green and orange insoles on the other hand are of a higher volume and profile, which makes them more suitable for high arched runners and walkers with high arches. They need wider shoes though.

Superfeet Blue

Blue Superfeet insoles are for neutral, low to medium arches and are of the medium profile type. They are suitable for people with active lifestyles and can be worn in various types of running and other shoes. They feature shallower heel caps which allow for natural impact absorption. They are thin and can be worn in tighter shoes, and yet provide biomechanical support to the foot.


Overall, when shopping for the best insoles for your specific foot shape, gait type and shoes, keep in mind that the blue medium volume insoles by Superfeet are suitable for people with low to medium arches. They can be worn in tighter shoes and have little additional cushioning. They are in the middle section of the types of insoles produced by Superfeet, because they are neither low nor high in volume or profile, so they are possibly a better choice, if you are not sure which color to pick and what exactly your foot type is.

Of the three colors, the blue insoles require the least space, so can be worn with tighter shoes, while the green requires the widest and roomiest shoes, due to the cushioning and the wide heel cup.

Whenever you are shopping for the best insoles for your specific foot shape, type of shoes and gait type, keep in mind that testing the various colors and options is the best method to pick the most suitable ones for you. A rule of the thumb is to try the insoles and make sure that your entre heel fits comfortably in the heel cap. If you find that your toes are projecting outside of the insole, or that the heel cap is too narrow, you will need to try on a letter size or larger insoles.

Whichever of the three colors of insoles from Superfeet you choose, you can rest assure that you are making an excellent choice. Superfeet is one of the best recognized brands for insoles for runners and for everyday activities. Their products are of high quality, durable, and if you pick the right size and model for your case can truly change your running and everyday experience, by reducing the soreness in your feet, legs and back.