You might be wondering, which clogs to get for your work – Alegria or Dansko? Well, here are some facts which may help you decide.

The companies Alegria vs Dansko

Alegria shoes are being made by Californian manufacturer PG Lite for more than 10 years now. The company has focused on making comfortable and yet classy shoes which are lightweight, flexible.

Dansko started up as a family business in 1990 in Denmark, but as of 2007, the company has moved to the US and has outsourced its production to China. Still, Dansko’s aim is to produce shoes for all-day, every day comfort, the Dansko clogs being the most iconic of the entire product range.

Dansko Vs Alegria Clogs

Sanita Professional Clog Review:

The Alegria classic clog is such a cute shoe that it is difficult to resist getting a pair of them right away.

But it is not only the appearance which makes these clogs alluring, but rather the high quality of the clog and the great features they have and the ultimate comfort they provide.

  • Open back clogs – easier to slip on but makes walking a bit more challenging for some people
  • The toe box is roomy, and the soft and breathable lining is another reason you will not want to take these shoes off.
  • Alegria’s unique footbed and sole system make them quite flexible.
  • They are ready to wear out of the box.
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • The Alegria clogs are definitely lighter than the Dansko clogs, so that makes walking easier

The iconic Alegria footbed is made of several unique layers, starting on top with a breathable leather lining on top, a cushioning memory foam layer, followed by cork and Polyurethane for even more comfort, and finishing up with the rocker bottom layer which provides perfect shock absorption, decreases fatigue and allows for better energy return. Just refer the to the sizing chart before you purchase

Dansko Professional Clog Review:

The Dansko professional clog is possibly the most recognizable work clog in the US and in Europe. It has a classic clog design, with a comfortable and roomy toe box, and a relatively high heel and platform. The shoe’s upper is made of leather and has an antimicrobial lining inside for extra coziness. The insoles are breathable, so the feet will stay dry and stable even after long hours of active work and movement. They are often times preferred by the specialists in the nursing industry, as they are one of the best shoes for nurses.

  • Closed back clogs, meaning that walking in them is easier but are a bit harder to put on
  • The contoured midsole and wide heel offer great support to the feet and ankles, and the high arch support is great for relieving or avoiding feet soreness and back pain.
  • Dansko clogs can be hard and lack flexibility
  • Can need some break-in time
  • Produced in China
  • The Dansko clogs are definitely on the heavier side which makes walking a bit more strenuous
  • Walking fast is a not problem, as the heel is closed

The outsoles are rubber and are slip resistant and also feature rocker bottoms which are great for shock absorption and energy return.

Common features:

Dansko and Alegria clogs are both professional clogs of high quality and a number of features which provide comfort, cushioning, shock absorption and stability for the feet and body. The Alegria footbed is what is unique about all the shoes in the line. It consists of: leather lining, memory foam, cork and soft Polyurethane and a mild rocker outsole layers.

But the fact is that these clogs are actually quite different.

Even though since 2007 Dansko has been a US owned company, the sizing is European (the company originated in Europe), and also the shoes are handmade which makes the sizing quite irregular. If you compare Dansko vs Alegria sizing, you will find that their sizing is much more regular.

If you want to dig deeper with the clog comparison and compare Sanita vs Alegria vs Dansko check our other article as well – Sanita vs Dansko.


Which pair to choose? 

Well, even though they are both work clogs, the Alegria and the Dansko clogs are really quite different. The best way to choose is to try on a pair of them and try a little walking with them if you can. Of course, it is a matter of personal taste too, but whichever you choose, they are both great brands and great clogs!