Insoles are excellent options for people, especially runners who need more cushioning, stability and support for their feet, and are an excellent much cheaper alternative to customized orthotics.

Spenco vs Superfeet vs Powerstep Orthotics

These are three of the most popular replacement insoles on the market. They all have similarities, as well as their differences as well.

What they have in common

Superfeet insoles are actually plastic shells which contour the heels and the arches, to keep them in position, and provide rigid support. They are great for optimal body alignment, but they do not offer too much cushioning because they have only a thin foam layer for added comfort. Superfeet make a full range of orthotics suitable for all the different kind of shoes and arch types (and they are color coded!), but our favorites are the GREEN and COPPER insoles for standing all day, and Superfeet Carbon Pain Relief made our list with the top insoles for walking

Powerstep too are made like a plastic shell which contours the arch and whole heel with a thin foam layer. They offer semi-rigid support to the arch and have minimum cushioning and some heel support. Again they are suitable for people and runners with medium to high arches.

Spenco makes insoles for people looking for that extra cushioning and support. These insoles come in various models, some offering more arch and heel support, and others offering more cushioning. Polysorb Total
Support by Spenco are among our top picks for plantar fasciitis inserts

Powerstep insoles vs Superfeet: Both are very similar in that they provide almost no cushioning, and are for providing heel and arch stability. They are both made in the form of plastic shells which keep the heel in place. The difference is that Powerstep insoles are a bit narrower and are made of one single piece, and Superfeet feature a ¾ length piece, which some people find provides more comfort.

The powerstep pinnacle maxx insoles are one of our favorite inserts for flat feet

All three brands make insoles which are suitable for people suffering from plantar fasciitis, have high or medium arches


The key difference for deciding whether to get Superfeet or Powerstep inserts is the method of creating arch and heel supports, as well as the shape, feel and fit of the insoles. The Superfeet foundation is a deep rear foot support based on foot biomechanics. Also Superfeet have models which are suitable even for dress shoes.


When you are buying inserts, always keep in mind your comfort first. The best insert for you should provide you with comfort rather than make your feet feel sore, uncomfortable and to actually worsen the problem you have with your feet in the first place.