How to minimize or completely avoid running injuries

Even though running is an excellent exercise to improve your fitness level, reduce your weight and strengthen your body to reduce the risks of various health problems, it is also a sport which is closely linked with certain types of […]

How to Start Running in the Morning and Enjoy It

With the busy lifestyles we are leading in modern times, finding time to stay fit and keep running is becoming a difficult task. This is why more runners are embracing the idea of becoming pre-dawn or early morning runners.

Think about […]

How to feel safe whilst running at night

If you are an avid runner and do not want to miss out on your daily runs even when the days get shorter, and it gets dark early in the evening, you are probably confronted with the prospect of running […]

The Most Common Myths About Running Shoes Debunked

For every runner, the running shoes are no doubt the most important gear to have. With the growing variety of brands and styles of this type of athletic shoes, the choice of proper shoes for running could be overwhelming at […]

Q & A: How Should My Running Shoes Fit?

Getting the appropriate type of running shoes is crucial for your comfort, your running performance and for your safety. So, when you are picking your new pair of running shoes, make sure you take the time to select a pair […]

Q & A: How to Whiten Shoes at Home?

How to whiten shoes the DYI way?
To clean your white shoes at home, first of all remove the laces, so that you can wash the laces with your laundry. Then you can use lukewarm water mixed with some mild detergent to wash thee […]

Q & A: How Long Does it Take to Run a Mile?

How fast can the average person run a mile
There is no one correct answer to the question how long it takes to run a mile, because there is no way to define what an average runner is. The opinions about […]

Q & A: How Long Does It Take to Walk a Mile?

How long does it take to walk a mile on average?

On average, humans pace at about 3.1 miles an hour which means that on average a one mile walk should take 19 minutes and 21 seconds. Of course, the normal […]

Q & A: How Long Does It Take to Run a Half Marathon?

How long it takes to run a half marathon depends on the experience and training you have, also on your fitness level, age, sex, weight, the terrain and other factors. On average, elite marathon runners will run a half marathon […]

Interesting facts: Famous Athletes with Flat Feet

Suffering from low or collapsed arches and flat feet can be quite cumbersome, especially for runners. It is a condition which can cause quite a bit of soreness and pain in the heels, bunions, ankles, legs and back. Also, the […]