Running vs Jogging

What they have in common
Both running and jogging are similar aerobic exercises, which help the body burn calories, burn fat, lose weight and have some general health benefits. But there are differences between the two disciplines. Running is more intense […]

Powerstep vs Superfeet vs Spenco Insoles

Insoles are excellent options for people, especially runners who need more cushioning, stability and support for their feet, and are an excellent much cheaper alternative to customized orthotics.
Spenco vs Superfeet vs Powerstep Orthotics
These are three of the most popular replacement insoles […]

Q & A: Does Running Make You Taller?

Although there is no scientifically proven correlation between growing in height and running, many experts in the medical field do believe that running can actually boost growth and make you taller.

Here are some of the claims which the supporters of […]

Running Technique: How to run with flat feet?

Having flat feet doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t run. The real question here is how to run with flat feet properly. The problem is that you are more prone to injury than if you have normal arches. To find […]

How to clean running shoes or even wash them

If you run regularly, then you probably run in muddy and rainy days too. This can mess up your running shoes seriously. Cleaning and maintaining your running shoes is important not only for a better appearance but in order to […]

Easy Fix: How To Stop Shoes From Squeaking

Squeaky shoes can be annoying and embarrassing. But don’t rush to throw them away. There may be a way to deal with the squeaking after all.

First of all, it is essential to determine the source and reason for the annoying […]

How to Shrink Shoes That Are Too Big?

How to shrink shoes half a size or even a size?
You found an astonishing pair of shoes with a big discount but they are available only in a size half bigger than what you wear? Well, here is some good […]

Understand pronation to get the correct running shoes

Understanding pronation

The human feet are crucial for giving the body a proper foundation. This is why understanding pronation and the ways to cope with the different problems in the feet is essential for keeping a proper balance, and allows for […]